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Save yourself some time, money and resources and do not go!!

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Published: 05 May 2019

Posted by: Rosario

I repeat DO NOT GO TO KAHAN ORTHODONTICS! Why? Because they sell the worst dental services possible. I spent $4,000 on getting Invisalign from Kahan Orthodontics and they gave me the worst one they possibly could make. Today I want to tell you about my experience with Kahan Orthodontics and why YOU should avoid them as well. (Before I continue I want to clarify that I do not wish to bash any person or company, but I can’t stand a company scamming people and doing false advertising, I became a victim of their false marketing and I would do my best to help other people in avoiding Kahan Orthodontics, os they don’t have to go through the sheer pain and nightmare I went through. Anyways, so I’m a 33-year-old woman and I had braces when I was 15. The braces got taken off by the time I was 17 and my teeth were normally aligned after the braces, however, recently I started noticing some crookedness in my teeth and my boyfriend proposed to me a couple of weeks ago, so I was going to get married soon and therefore, I needed to have a great looking smile. I contacted Kahan Orthodontics and got an appointment, being a web designer myself, I was impressed by their beautiful website and chose them just because of that. I told the doctor that my teeth are not very crooked and he was very understanding. He gave me the Invisalign a week after the checkup. I started wearing the Invisalign, it was very uncomfortable and it sometimes even hurt my gums so much that I couldn’t talk without groaning with pain. Even after a couple of months, my teeth were not aligned at all. The only change I had in my teeth is that they were weaker and felt more fragile now. I contacted the doctor at Kahan Orthodontics and told him about the situation. He casually told me that it is a common issue and it happens to everyone who wears teeth aligners, he also said that I should give it some time and it will go away. I didn’t trust his judgement because I was suffering this pain from the exact day I started wearing the Invisalign, so I decided to get a second opinion. I contacted a different doctor and after doing a thorough checkup he told me that I should not this Invsiagin, as it was way out of size for my set of teeth. He asked me if I tried to get “a deal” on these aligners because they were actually badly designed and they were actually doing more harm than good. I was shocked after hearing this because the doctors at Kahan Orthodontics behaved really well and I didn’t expect them to be literally IDIOTS. The best way to avoid such money hogging clinics is by never going to them. Just stay away from Kahan Orthodontics and do thorough research before going to any dental clinic, this will go a long way.

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