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Published: 12 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I dropped off a car who has a diesel engine Cummins at J&S Diesel mid September 2015. | Talked to a guy named James and he is the owner. I was not very welcome and the greeting was cold as ice. | But since he said he was qualified to work on those engine, I left the car for a diagnostic. | Next day I received a phone call from James telling me that the ECM needed to be changed and through an outrageous number to fix it. | Finding the numbers a little high, I called around and even called Cummins and their prices were 42% cheaper. | So I decided to go to J&S Diesel and waited for a while at the counter while James was on the phone cursing like a truck driver. | I demanded an explanation on his pricing. He started to go on his horses and told me the most ridiculous reason …. he is “qualified”. | Cummins has very qualified people too and I wanted to move the car from his shop. Then he threw a fist and threw my credit card back at me face telling me he wants to be paid in cash ONLY. | The invoice came and he charged me over $400 for ….. doing nothing …. or at least NOTHING GOOD. | The tow truck came and James said to the guy the car is not ready …. but it was ready so here is the first LIE. | The car is being towed to the dealership and was diagnosed next day. They said that the guy before, JAMES at J7S Diesel had purposely disconnected some vital cables such as the ABS connectors. | Right away, the dealership suspected that James was trying to create a brake down to charge me more and more money. That was a second LIE when he omitted to tell me he touched some wiring. | The towing hitch was removed and I had to ask James to give it back to me …. why was it removed at the first place ??? Hmmm …! He did not know. | So for anyone wanting to go there to do some repair, I hope you will read this page first. I did not know and I found out later about all those complaints against this shop. | There is some loud complaints on his Facebook page also and probably more elsewhere. | AVOID this place and do not hesitate to pay a little more extra money for quality work. | I feel bad for all the customers having their RV or trucks there …. I will be afraid to see their invoices. | On my side, I am done with them and hope this will help someone else.

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