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The staff was rude and arrogant and was untrained as well.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Kalologie 360 Spa is located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. They claim to be one of the best spas in the area and have one of the best knowledgeable staff to treat their customers. They claim to offer services such as Botox, laser hair removal, body contouring and more. But according to their customers, they have one of the worst customer services; their level of professionalism is below average, as they have also said that they are lying to their patients also and practice techniques which make their customers uncomfortable. Let me tell you, these patients are right. I had a terrible experience with these guys and I recently found that I’m not the only victim.
I had scheduled my appointment for a photo facial IPI laser treatment which was booked about two weeks ago. Kalologie 360 Spa called me to cancel the first appointment and then told me that they would reschedule my appointment because they had to send the laser to be calibrated and said then they would text me to book my appointment. It’s been three weeks in total and I haven’t gotten a call to reschedule. I was really disappointed and I do not wish to do business with them back again; their level of professionalism definitely is below average. After my terrible experience with those scumbags, I read their online reviews. I came across plenty of people who faced different issues with these people.
One of the customers referred to them as scammers and as liars because they don’t deliver what they commit to their customers. The customer said that he was given a gift for one filter treatment which costs him $500; the customer said that he only used half of it and when he was ready to get the second treatment, the store said it was expired and can’t use anymore. The customer said it was valid for about 6 months, and after 4 months it is now expired. This made the customer furious and he never wishes to visit again.
You should always respect your customer and treat them with care. The customer told that he called several times to schedule an appointment and was treated with disrespect and disdain. The lady was rude with him and didn’t answer his question correctly and made the impression that it was all fault of the customer. He was very disappointed and shared his experience so that no other person can fall into this pothole.
Another customer stated that Kalologie 360 Spa is very unprofessional and they don’t have trained staff. The customer said that he bought a group on laser hair removal and he was excited to use it, but the customer was highly disappointed as he said the staff was unprofessional and he had a terrible experience at Kalologie 360 Spa. The customer was furious as he never wishes to visit Kalologie 360 Spa because of the way he was treated there.

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