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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Brooksie53

I find it ridiculous that yesterday at 8:03am KCP&L shows up at my house. First of all I had no idea it was them because they were in an unmarked vehicle with no uniform stating who they are. The truck was just a regular truck not one of the big work trucks we all recognize. I honestly panicked a bit and wouldn”t open my door and what woman does when their unsure? Anyways they shut off my power and by the time I realized what was happening they were gone. My dad and I called customer service many times all for the people to basically just read from a script and accuse us of lying about paying our bill. We paid on the 20th the amount they told us we owed. I mean maybe before telling someone they are the ones in fact lying or anything maybe try to look into it first or be more helpful. The gal we talked to was distasteful; refused to help us. We then drove to one of the locations listed on the paseo there was a nice gal that tried to help my dad in there but basically they told us they accidentally had us pay someone else”s bill and it would take weeks or a month to figure out what actually happened, and that we still need to pay our current bill and that they will just deduct what we paid. BUT they won”t be able to come back and turn my power on til between 8-10am the next day? I know they have on call crews if u are the ones that screwed up then why do I have to suffer longer in this?!? I find it funny that here it is 8:43 passed 24 hours and still no one. Although y”all seemed to have no problem yesterday and showing up to turn it off; with it not being my fault. Maybe try to be quick to fix problems instead of solely making it the customers problem?! I find it ridiculous That we even had to ask that we not be charged for you guys having to reinstall our power. Maybe for a change have a [censored]ing sole regardless of someone”s situation? And when you figure out u guys were the ones in the wrong then make an effort to acknowledge that or make it right. Just because you have a monopoly doesn”t mean it”s right to treat people the way you do. No wonder every year I see you guys on the news for disturbing things. This whole thing is so ridiculous to me that this actually all unfolded like this. Best advice is read all of your negivtive reviews and try to at least attempt to help people at step one with customer service and then actually own your [censored] ups and make it right! Don”t make your customer deal with your mistakes; take care of it professionally!

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