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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This was a horrible experience at this establishment. I was told different from the groupon. I had an appointment 15 mins before class to redeem the groupon and get a uniform. I sat with Mr. Ray at the Plantation location half hour after class started (the one my children were supposed to be a part of) so he could look at my groupon. He asked to see the groupon, grabbed my phone to read them, but he redeemed them. I was then informed I had to pay $100 for the uniforms for the two kids after redemption. (There is nothing in the fine print that says I need to pay $50 for each uniform). He then told me that I could have my groupon transferred to the entry rate for the trial month of $79 which includes the two uniforms. I told him that sounded more feasible and I didn’t know the offer was still available since it wasn’t my first time there. He then asked me how I would like to pay the $79. I asked him how I would owe the full amount if my groupon was being transferred. He told me they do not make any money off of groupon and I would have to pay him the $79 or the $100 for the two uniforms. I am extremely upset by the way Mr. Ray treated my family and I. My children were upset they weren’t able to take the class they were invited to. Mr. Ray does a poor job representing this school. He was very dishonest and and not forth coming pushing me to get a membership because “I shouldn’t do a trial class because it is not fair to the children, if they like it, since I can not afford to keep them in”. I have used groupon services before and never have I ever had this many probems with or been given this amount of disrespect.

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