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Published: 13 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

As you all may know, I sold Karen B an Arabian. This is what happened: This Karen woman accused me of selling her a stolen horse all over Facebook and other mdeia sites. Keren signed TWO contracts with me (one when making payments on the horse and one when she made the final payment on the horse). Both contracts stated she was responsible to PAY for the board, the farrier, the vet, and any other supplies she needed for the horse. She bought the horse from me for $785 (originally $1000, but she begged me to drop the price and I agreed). We gave her several bales of hay, a bag of feed, his halter and lead, grooming supplies, etc. I also gave her a used saddle set in October 2014. Once she made the final payment on the horse, we transported him to her new barn in Toano, VA for FREE. The contract stated she may NOT move him without my prior knowledge. I found out a month after she has owned him, he had been moved to Yorktown, VA. I was told by a barn manager at the new location the horse was going to because she wanted more information on him. I went to the location and saw him in person and had the barn manager sign off saying the horse that was in the field was the horse I sold to Karen. Karen gave me an excuse when I confronted her about it. She said,”I texted you off my hotel phone.” She was on a honeymoon OUT of the country at the time. When she got back, she told me she was selling the horse all off the sudden. I sold her the horse under a no resale, no auction, and no disposal of the horse contract. Karen told me she was okay with that BEFORE I wrote up the contract and she signed off on it. I asked her why she wanted to sell the horse and she told me he was aggressive. I always texted her bi-monthly to check up on her and the horse. I always got GOOD feedback and even photos of her toddler riding him with no tack. I gave her permission to sell him to get her money back. She refused and instead came after me for a refund. She listed the horse for sale on Facebook for $1,000 after coming after me for a refund as well. In the contract I stated I will give NO refunds. She went after my husband and told me if I do not pay her, she will make him lose his job. I was forced to sign a judgement paper because I did not want my husband to lose his job. I have refunded Karen $800 already, which covers the refund of the horse. I do not want to pay for the other reasonings she gave me. 1. The tack I bought (Which she isn’t even giving to me and she has not given me proof of purchase). 2. I am not reciving my horse back. She gave my horse away and we cannot locate him. She has told us he went back to original owner, but provided NO proof. 3. The board she had to pay for him 4. The farrier fee she had to pay. 5. The fee they charged her to move the horse to Williamsburg, VA. NOTE: Karen was also trying to get over $2,000 from me for causing “heartbreak.” Karen had TWO months to test the horse out before she made the final payment. She also met and rode the horse BEFORE making a first payment and signing anything. He was never a kciker, biter, or bucker when I owned him. I have SEVERAL witnesses that will describe his personality INCLUDING the oringial owner. The horse did NOT become “agressive” until Karen had him alone. I also noticed more weight loss a month after we sold him to her. Karen told us she had a large history of riding and caring for horses. She couldn’t even put a halter on the horse! The barn manager told her to get off the horse when she was riding, because she clearly did not know what she was doing. The horse was sold for an EXPERIENCED person only. He was never listed as beginner safe. I have the original ad that Karen replied to. She is slandering my husbands and my name all over the internet. My current horse requires DAILY care, and I cannot board my horse near where I live because of Karen. Karen has been caught lying. Not only by me, but by several people. she has been kicked out of TWO barns. Not because of the horse acting up, because of the drama she caused and the countinoues lies. Karen has posted these lies ALL over the internet and keeps telling everyone she has proof, but she will NOT show it. I guess it sucks when both parties have the texts. I do not care if you choose to believe me or not, but evidence speaks for itself. I find it funny that the horse suddenly becomes aggressive and she wants money AFTER she had a wedding on the beach and went on a honeymoon out of the USA. Greed is not something you want in someones personality. Karen will not speak to you like an adult.

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