Karin Fien

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Karin Fien is a social media troll who craves attention

Karin is a fake sad old woman who passes her time by stalking people on the internet, every day. She calls herself the ‘big troll slayer’ while she tries to seek help from families by messaging him and trying to contact them. This bitch sits on her ass all day to find trolls. Once she finds them she puts them up on the website and calls them pedophiles.
She has been doing this for years now, she uses this as an excuse that her slow/special daughter was trolled few years ago. She takes this excuse and gets all the pity she wants, enters people’s lives and insults their children by calling them names.
But the truth is, Karin is not here to get justice for her daughter, she is here because she wants attention, all the time. She has tried to meet people for sexual encounters, showing people her naked pictures. She stalks people and strangers, convinces them to fight for her. Basically she is a woman full of self-pity, who wants men to pay attention to her and then involve her in their life. Keep her, give her attention and feed her. I’m sure she needs a lot of mental help, coz she has continued to be insane for years now. Stay away from Karin Fien, she is a troll.


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  2. Lucy September 21, 2017
    • Gus November 6, 2017

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