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Published: 23 February 2018

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TL;DR The mailman did not deliver. Don’t buy used cars from Karl Malone Toyota and definitely don’t buy from Mike MacDonald. They’ll just rip you off. They don’t care about you. I purchased a 2002 Saturn L300. It ran great and had no leaks when I test drove it (On Jan. 31). I signed for it and came to pick it up on February 2nd. When I picked it up on the 2nd, it left a huge puddle of transmission fluid on their showroom floor. This is a problem that obviously wasn’t there when I test drove it, but a problem that had occurred while the vehicle was being cared for by Karl Malone Toyota. I took the car to several shops. Two Jiffy Lubes said the problem was the worst transmission fluid leak they’ve ever seen. I took it to a trusted mechanic where they told me the front seal was blown, a problem that costs at the least $1200. I set up an appointment with Karl Malone Toyota to see what they would do to fix the problem. My salesman that I had worked with, Mike MacDonald, was cold and unsympathetic. He was glad he got his commission and didn’t care about me. His sales manager JD Larson, thought I was an idiot and tried to deceive me by saying the same thing over and over in different words. Ultimately, they offered no help and showed no concern about the catastrophic problem the car gained in their possession. Karl Malone Toyota does not care about the customers. Karl Malone Toyota will lie and cheat their way to a sale. Karl Malone Toyota does not deserve any of your business. Please, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. It will probably save you a couple thousand dollars. .

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