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Published: 12 March 2020


BE CAREFUL INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS!!! Unfortunately, I have to say that Karmaloop is the worst Customer Service I’ve ever seen in the world. I simply can’t believe in all that positive reviews here. Sorry! I’ve had so many issues with my order 4864965. First of all, I ordered three items and KARMALOOP SENT ME THE WRONG PAIR OF SHOES. I bought this one: Jeffrey Campbell The Spike Shoe in Black with Silver Studs www.karmaloop.com/product/187748 And they sent me this one: Jeffrey Campbell The Spike Lita Shoe in Black and Silver www.karmaloop.com/product/The-Spike-Lita-Shoe-in-Black-and-Silver/232428 I complained about it and they opened the ticket number 219083 on 11/13/2012 and the ticket 222873 on 11/16/2012 . I have already returned the WRONG SHOES and they was delivered to karmaloop on 12/17/2012 (tracking number CP348169882BR) Link: tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction.action And until now they didn’t refund me for the $93, 95 I paid for the shoes. Neither the $40, 00 for shipping cost that I paid to return the WRONG SHOES to Karmaloop (THEY PROMISED ME THAT IN THEIR EMAILS!!! I CAN PROVE IT!!!). I’ve already provided all the information they requested me (duty receipt copy, pictures of wrong sent item, the return shipping cost receipt) and they’re just fooling me. Instead of solving the problem they again and again elect a new Customer Rep to tell me the same lies untill they simply stop responding me. I already was attended by KELLY ARAUJO, KRISTIN HENDRICH, ALEX FILHO, MEGAN MCAULEY, MILES MCALPIN… and same story repeats over and over. ALL I WANT IS Karmaloop fulfill what they promised me and pay me $ 93, 95 FOR SHOES VALUE REFUND, $40, 00 FOR SHIPPING COSTS I PAID TO RETURN THE WRONG SHOES, AND $50, 00 BY REMAINING DUTIES ON THE SHOES (They paid me just $42, 14 for duties). IMPORTANT: I want all refunds are made through my PAYPAL account. ATTACHED are the pictures of the wrong item sent by Karmaloop to me and the correct one that I ordered, so you can see the difference. There is the shipping cost receipt picture too. Also, take a look how they wrongly altered my total billed and it is still wrong. A real shame!!! PS.: I have all the emails between me and Karmaloop and also print screens and documents to prove my point if someone want to see them.

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