Karuna Manning In Light Yoga

Tracking Witnesses, Mocking Witnesses as Sick Retards, Hiding People from Police, Homosexual Peodophile Comments

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Published: 14 September 2020

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Karuna Manning of the In Light Yoga Centre was involved in assisting offenders to intimidate family members of witnesses with violence and was also caught offering to look for a witness to do violence. GNR and Policia Judiciaria also took statements about Karuna and Agni who were involved in inciting homosexual pedofile slander, posting death threats and the tracking of witnessses whilst hiding fugitives from the Criminal Court.

Karuna Manning stopped laughing when she realized tracking witnesses in Court cases was not funny. Karuna Manning stopped laughing when she was caught out helping to seek a witness in judicial proceedings and was referred to Policia Judiciaria. Karuna Manning stopped laughing when various websites tracked IP addresses and she stopped laughing when threatening people with being denouced as homosexual pedophiles went bad.

That was whilst Maasland was on bail for trafficking in 14 kilos of cannabis, 35 seals of LSD. He ran away from the police three times and was caught in November 2019 in Lagos after using the internet to be nasty with the help of Karuna Manning. Nasty in that matter included broken leg threats, making false reports of pedofilia, nasty slander, data violations and threatening witnesses in police investigations with murder before police can stop it. She stopped laughing when Breath and Sound was finished off. Finished off because the main man of the show, Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when he was served with summons to criminal court and told to expect prison. Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when prosecutors in a criminal court filed charges for 351 counts of witness intimidation, threats to murder, drug trafficking in LSD and 14 kilos of cannabis.

Karuna Manning of the Inlight yoga house in Lagos stopped laughing when the authorities forced her to delete all the evidence gathered about witnesses in judicial proceedings. The police went to her yoga house in November 19 and picked up Maasland jumping bail. He was hiding under a different name. He posted some threats of violence from Lagos a few days before and IP trackers caught him holed up at the Inlight yoga house jumping bail on trafficking cases for LSD, cannabis and looking for witnesses to do a murder.

Karuna Manning of the Inlight yoga center stopped laughing after she received a warning to stop tracking witnesses or posting murder threats around or go to prison as well. Karuna Manning stopped laughing when data protection authorities found her in default of GDPR and was warned to expect a court hearing to force compliance.

She tried to lie but several websites collected submissions from Johannes Maasland and threats to defame as homosexual peodophile.

Karuna Manning stopped laughing when she was caught tracking witnesses in criminal cases, hiding people from police, inciting pedofile slander, slagging off witnesses and she stopped laughing when her friends were told they were going down to do some hard time in prison.


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