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Published: 16 January 2021

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Please be advised that Kathrine Marie Wilson (born April 9, 1990 in Auckland, New Zealand and currently residing in Los Angeles) is a skilled con artist who preys on comedians and those in the entertainment industry. | Kate Wilson represents herself as a New Zealand/Australian celebrity, an international comedy booker (including New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Paris, London, and Hong Kong), and a sound engineer for live bands. She claims to be connected to the entertainment industry and Hollywood, to have a production agreement with FOX Australia, and to have professional experience as a writer, actor, and model, and a background in musical theater. In fact, none of these is true. | She has no background or connections in the comedy or entertainment industry whatsoever. The closest thing she has are Facebook friends in entertainment whom she has conned into believing that she can help them. | She promises to fulfill whatever it is theyre pursuing and then invents excuses and delays as she exploits them for money, housing, vacations and trips, and anything else she needs or desires. | Kate Wilson uses email aliases to create the illusion of having a team of people behind her and a network of entertainment industry. These emails include anything under the katewilsonmedia.com domain, [email& 160;protected], [email& 160;protected], and more. She also has a friend, Natalia Antropova of Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, who is an accomplice that corroborates Kates lies. | Among her more clever cons is setting up meetings for her marks with TV executives. In fact, the TV executive is played by an actor she finds on StarNow.com. The actor, in turn, believes he or she is auditioning for a Punkd-like reality show that runs Hollywood hopefuls through the ringer. Thus, the actor has unwittingly played a part in Kates con, and her mark believes that Kate is his connection to VIPs. | Kate Wilson will try to gain your sympathies by inventing crises (such as problems with addiction, having belongings stolen, getting sabotaged by people, etc.), mostly evident in her Facebook and Twitter posts. She presents herself as a victim, when she is usually the criminal. | Despite her claims, she is not related to anyone in the United States. Previously known as Katie Milne, she is the foster daughter of Michael Milne and Wendy Milne of Auckland, New Zealand. | As of early November 2011, Kate Wilson has overstayed her 90-day Visa Waiver Program in the United States and is an illegal alien. She had an illegal marriage on November 10, 2011 to one of her comedian victims, whom she conned into believing that she will pay up to $30,000 for this service. She hasnt paid a dime, and hes now trying to get out of it. She recently told him if he does, it will end badly for him. | Kate Wilson often gets what she wants out of people by intimidating them with threats, such as calling the police on them for real or made up crimes, suing them for all the free work shes doing for them, or cancelling these opportunities altogether.

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