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Published: 26 July 2017

Posted by: Jo O. Cutshaw

As per my father’s advice, I decided to meet Kathleen in California and ask her to be my attorney in the property case I was fighting against my brother.
My family consists of my parents, a younger sibling and me. Now my parents brought a property in California, which we now needed to sell cos we needed money for other things and wanted to invest in something better. My father and I decided to sell the property but my brother did not agree to the decision.
We fought like little children, but soon the matter reached a serious stage, which had no going back. My brother hit me, and he wanted all of the property to his own, he wanted our dad to change the owner’s name to his and gift him the house. He fought with the entire family, and because of this, I had to file a case and fight against him in court to claim the house.
So I hired Kathleen, which turned out to be the worst decision of my life. Kathleen promised to help and she charged me a fee in advance which I did hand over to her before giving her all the details. The case went on for a long time but Kathleen seemed to battle pretty well from my side, but all the main problem began when she started demanding more money. Kathleen was not satisfied with what she was paid. She told me the case was going on more than the usual time and that this was the reason she was charging me extra hundreds of dollars.
The case is still stuck and I am looking for a better attorney as Kathleen turned out to be only a money lover – she did not really care about who won as long as she got her money. Do not join forces with Kathleen as she is only a money maker and not an actual lawyer. She can be easily sold off to the opposition party, and because of this, she needs to be kept away from any of the serious cases one can be involved in. Do not believe Kathleen, she is not worth a penny. Serious rip-off!

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