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Published: 19 April 2019

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Katie Morgan who is from California has two issues against her. These include: (1) Questionable Activities: These questionable activities involve her being arrested for drug/marijuana possession. This is confirmed by the site askmen in the following quote: “”She began attending junior college, finding work as a waitress, a clerk and even the manager of a pet store. Then, while traveling by car from Mexico into California, agents at the border found 100 pounds of marijuana in the car, and she was arrested.”” Also this is confirmed by the site known as popcrunch. “”She was arrested in 2000 for transporting over 100 pounds of marijuana from Mexico into the United States. Um…that’s pretty serious to bring your body weight in an illegal substance into another county.”” (2) Condemning Issues: The major condemning issue involving Katie Morgan is racism, prejudice, and race discrimination especially against males who are African-American. This is why she has predominantly only worked with those male members who have been of her own race. This is a truthful fact that needs to be revealed concerning Katie Morgan and a fact that cannot be denied or dismissed and a fact that she must indeed be seriously denounced for.

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