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Published: 29 February 2020

Posted by: Jeffrey Feldman

I took my car into Kauffman’s Auto Repair 6831-A Whitfield Industrial Sarasota, FL 34243 www.kaufmansautorepairs.com/ after reading good reviews online. The repair shop was supposed to do routine maintenance. Mr. Kaufman found several things that he recommended could be repaired during routine servicing. I took him up on the offer. I was told the car was going to be available same day or by next morning at the latest. When asking about my car, Mr. Kauffman said they had did something to the car, couldn’t give it to me in the condition it was in, and wanted more time to “figure out what to do”. I didn’t feel that Mr. Kaufman had any sense of urgency in getting my car back to me in working order and I was very concerned that he didn’t know what he and/or his staff were doing. So after three days, I demanded my car back, paid for the work, and took my car. The car was really in bad shape – it sputtered and stalled, barely could get it to the dealership. The service department at the dealership said they worked on the car improperly and installed wrong equipment. I was charged 1100 dollars by the service department to correct the improper work done by Kaufman’s. I disputed the charge of my credit card for Kaufman and they challenged the dispute saying the work was” properly performed” . That is so dishonest. I was furious at the loss of not being able to use my car and for the money I lost. I now have to fight to get my money back, might have to take this business to small claims. I will tell everyone I know to avoid this business. Kauffman’s doesn’t seem to want to take ownership that they really messed my car up. They contested a credit dispute with my credit card and I have spent so much time trying to get my money back. Kauffman on other reviews sites said that “We didn’t know or see that your timing belt would fail anytime soon.”, No – if that were the case, Sir, then first you should have seen that when changing out the drive belts (after all, you are an ASE mechanic – right?) – YOU’RE the one who said the drive belts needed to be changed and you told me the timing belt looked good – do you remember why? Because about two years or so I got a new timing belt at a different shop; timing belts don’t fail that fast. What happened, sir – is that you messed my car up – you used incorrect parts and installed parts improperly – and no I don’t want to work with you on this – I just want my money back because I remember how arrogant and condescending you were to me as a customer. If you are a fair merchant and knew you messed up, for starters – at least you shouldn’t have charged me anything – but you don’t seem to have a heart – and I needed my car – and my car only needed just routine maintenance – and you caused my family and I a lot of trouble. So I feel it’s my right and duty to tell the world about how I got hurt giving you my business. I found your business because of positive reviews. I at least can warn the next guy to take a pause before they trust their car to you.

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