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Published: 07 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Placed an order on March 3rd 2018 for numerous items on this website. The website stated that I would receive my product by the following Friday, March 9th. After not receiving my product by this date, I went back to the website to search for a customer service phone number only to find out that they do not list one anywhere! The only method of contact is via email. After sending numerous emails, I finally received a vague response back, from someone purporting to be the owner by the name of Sage, stating my products would be shipped within the next few days. | Finally I received a tracking notification from the website that my products had been shipped along with a USPS tracking number. When the box was finally delivered, I was disappointed to find out that only one of the numerous items I ordered was included in the box. Again, I sent numerous emails to this company to let them know I only received a partial order. | After another few days, the same person responded back to me with a new tracking number from UPS stating that the remaining product was on its way. | After searching this tracking number, UPS showed that it was completely unrelated to my order and was being shipped to a different destination across the country. Again, after sending numerous emails to correct the issue, I have not received a response back since. I have also not received the remaining product that I ordered. During this debacle, I started searching the internet for any information I could find in regards to this company. There is literally nothing out there to go by. They have a Facebook page that looks like it was started in February 2018, and a search of the who is website shows that the domain was also just created recently. | Furthermore, the website is full of fake reviews, culled from other websites, fake data on each product page as to how many people are viewing the item currently and how many items have been sold in the last 24 hours. And most importantly, for which I regret not doing the research earlier, they do not have a customer service phone number listed anywhere on their website. All communications must be sent to their email address. Without a doubt, this website has fraudulent intentions and I strongly recommend that you avoid making purchases from this company! The prices on this website are in most cases, lower than other websites selling the same items, and now I know why! I am currently in the process of attempting to get my money back from PayPal but it is a long, slow process.

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