Kelly Fox

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Kelly Fox is a dirty old woman and you shouldn’t respect her

This bitch is so old and she still thinks she’s so hot! All because she’s the store manager at the Victoria’s Secret in Winter Garden, Florida. She had an affair with a young guy who was married. She knew he was married and had 2 young kids too. She had him convinced his life was empty and unhappy and that she was the only one who could bring him happiness. She seduced him till he caved.
She has a drug addicted daughter, and he actually left his family to live with these two. But she wasn’t even bothered about what happened to his wife and kids. She only cared about herself and that she wanted him. She’s a terrible person and has no morals. She’s old and disgusting and didn’t raise her own daughter well. And every this, this dirty woman sets a horrible example for her daughter to follow. She’s so shitty and she couldn’t believe it when he left her finally and begged his wife to take him back! She’s nothing. And she always will be. She completely deserves this.

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