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A total scam to begin with!

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Published: 16 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Kelly Roach tags herself as a keynote speaker who helps small businesses grow and thrive in great companies. But after having researched about her, I noticed that Kelly Roach should never be termed as a keynote speaker by all possible means. Kelly is both a con and a liar. She even formulated a program that takes fifty-two weeks for a successful formulation. The program is total crap because it is not realistic because, according to her, a person who makes the program and implements it will end up having a business whose income is a six or seven-figure. If this were applicable, everyone would have succeeded and made it in life within and year.

I further disagree with this program because it does not apply to people who have no capital to set up a business. If we break the fifty-two years into months, you will realize that they are equivalent to thirteen months, meaning it is one year and one month. My question is, how do you set up a business that will be making such high profits within a year? Not unless one had ready capital to lay down the needed foundation. Unfortunately, the people who would love to get such big businesses are still struggling to keep up with their small businesses, which are even on the verge of failing. Kelly Roach terms the small business owners as lazy people who only like living in their comfort zone. She says that the lazy small business owners do not want to do something extra that will make them achieve more profit.

Unlike Kelly Roach, other women have good hearts and have the will to help others. The women are generally few compared to the number of women who are still struggling to climb the success ladder. Women are continuing to shine in different parts of the world because of their passion and desire to become successful. A woman who is determined to achieve something can hardly be stopped since nothing that would make them change their minds. Some women have reached greater heights, and they do commendable things that help others. Unfortunately, some successful women do not appreciate other people’s efforts, and their pride makes people feel like losers.



Kelly Roach went to the University of West Chester, which is in Pennsylvania, to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in communication. She was in the university between the years 2000-2004. Also, Kelly Roach did her certificate in language program between the years 2003-2004 at Amauta Spanish Immersion. Currently, she is being referred to a business catalyst who helps those people who own businesses change their game. But the truth is she is a catalyst that makes your business fall more quickly by leading you to a pit that if you fall, you will never be able to save yourself.

Kelly Roach is said to be a sales trainer, business growth strategist, and a keynote speaker. At the age of twenty-two, Kelly resigned from her corporate job, and she decided to build the branch that cost her a million dollars. Kelly Roach spent seven months trying to make her business stand. After seven months, Kelly Roach was ready business because everything that she needed was set. She employed five hundred staff to work in her branch. In the year 2015, Kelly Roach opened her radio, which was called Unstoppable Success Radio. The communication was a podcast meaning people would freely download audios.



Kelly Roach is one of the many keynote speakers whose objective is to mislead innocent people and make them feel like losers. The keynote speakers who have nothing valuable to share should step down because it if not fair to deceive others for money. Some years back, Kelly Roach said that those people who run small businesses always lie to themselves. She further added that those small business owners fail to give their families the lifestyle they deserve to live. In as much as Kelly Roach is a successful and wealthy person, she should not forget that she also came from a background that struggled even to pay her school fees. I believe that her parents, just like anybody else in the world, would have wished to have the best things in life. Or who is happy living in poverty? The parents would have wanted to provide everything that Kelly Roach ever requires when she was still under their care. Kelly Roach had to go in search of jobs during her college life so that she could help cater to her bills.

Additionally, Kelly Roach said that many entrepreneurs always lie to their families when they claim that they are doing their best in business. According to her, the efforts that those entrepreneurs make is not enough, and they should do more than what they are doing. I worry that maybe those entrepreneurs are not stable financially because they have other problems that require money to be solved. It is so unfortunate that Kelly Roach jumps to judge a book by its cover, even without reading what the book contains inside. When you want to criticize what a person does, you should research and have solid points to support your critics. The many entrepreneurs who have a business that does not give huge profits are seen as if they are lazy; try their level best to make ends meet. From what I understand, they lack the few opportunities of getting into contact with people who can guide them on the dos and don’ts.


I would like us to look at a real-life situation that will help us understand that it is not good to judge people from their current location because you never know what they will become tomorrow. A scenario where a kid is taken to school, they do not know anything apart from scribbling. If the teacher judges them for drawing meaningless things, the teacher will end up having the wrong impression about the kid. What the kid requires is being shown how to hold the pencil, and make the appropriate letters or drawings. After the entire process of teaching the child, the results will be evident. It might be astonishing that the same child who was first seen as stupid would turn out to be the best. In short, this is the same thing that applies to entrepreneurs who do not make enough profit. The only thing that they require is a teacher who will guide them by showing them the strategies to follow.

In as much as Kelly Roach has uploaded so many videos on YouTube, very few people view them because they know it is nothing but crap. It is high time that even the YouTube fraternity starts revealing and rejecting such useless videos. I think it would be better if the videos would have a procedure that they are taken through before they are approved into YouTube or other platforms that people view videos. It is evident that people are becoming civilized, and they have embraced equality by not discriminating against others despite the differences in their living standards.


Kelly Roach has written two books; Bigger than You and Unstoppable 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life. The latter was termed as the best-selling book in the year 2016. Kelly Roach only wrote these books to benefit herself financially. She knew very well that different illiterate people would run to the libraries and bookshops to purchase those books. Kelly Roach uses sweet words to lure people into her hidden ways of getting money, and by the time you realize that you are being fooled, it will be too late. The problem is that none of the already done damage is reversible. Let us analyze Kelly Roach’s books each at a time.

Unstoppable 9 Principles for Infinite Success in Business and Life was published in 2016 and launched in February the same year. The book contains nine principles that are supposed to make people business and lives have unlimited success. The book includes stories of Kelly Roach and the top lessons that she learned the time she made it through her career. It is high time these keynote speakers stop narrating to us their life stories because those stories have no impact on our lives. Kelly Roach should understand that each person has his or her own story that is full of difficulties and success. If everyone decided to start narrating their stories as we read, then we would end up listening until eternity. No one can have an account that matches the other person’s story. Even in the real-life case, if two people are faced with the same problem, trust me, they will solve the problem by using very different ways. The same thing applies to keynote speakers narrating their stories, which will never come to happen in our lives. Whatever challenges that you faced in your life will not be the same in our lives.

The second book, which is called Bigger than You, was published in the year 2018. It is an entrepreneur’s guidebook that is meant to help entrepreneurs build up an unstoppable team. According to Kelly Roach, this book can help business owners to become successful if they follow the outlined strategies. Those strategies are just meant to make the people who want to start businesses buy this book. Kelly Roach tries to make us believe that those strategies are applicable, but I would beg to differ from that because it is a lie. Let us take a real example of the many people who bought the book. So far, how many testimonies have you heard from people saying that after reading the book, they become successful? I bet none.


Kelly Roach should not, by any chance, be called a Keynote Speaker because she is not professional at all. If I revisit Kelly Roach’s statement that people who own small businesses lie to themselves, I feel that she should not be allowed even to address anybody. The reason why I feel bitter about her statement is that Kelly Roach is a dream killer who does not even bother to acknowledge other people’s efforts. In real life, everyone begins from a humble beginning, and they rise slowly until they reach the top. A person can’t start a small business and achieve everything that they ever desire within a blink of an eye, not unless they steal.

Kelly Roach should be a mentor who at least motivates those who own small businesses by encouraging then to never give up. There are millions of characters out there whose dreams are shattered due to a lack of knowledge and mentorship because they do not know the next step to make. Those who are already earning from those businesses are much better than beggars. Beggers are people who loiter around towns, yet they are energetic to work. If you draw your own clean money, no one will ever claim that you stole the money. I prefer a person who gets income through legitimate ways rather than those who make a lot of money by taking or using illegal means such as corruption. Kelly should be happy because those who own small businesses are responsible people who can provide for their families.

Lastly, Kelly Roach should come up with strategies that do favor not only those people who have already excelled in business but also those who are starting businesses. By doing so, Kelly Roach would help very many people who live in the low social classes because they will not only grow their businesses but also they will afford a better life that will be suitable for their families. Kelly Roach would be seen as a savior for helping the less fortunate. It would mark the start of eradicating poverty.












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