Kelly Young

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Kelly Young, who is NOT SO YOUNG, only wants MONEY!!

I have been going to Paseo Primary Care Physicians for a while now to get my physicals done. When I called in their office, they told me that they would not charge anything as their first physical was free, once a year with the insurance that I had. After I went to their office, they did give me some decent advices and asked me to move abroad for some physical therapy, for which they would charge. But after a few days I received an email from their office, charging me $50 for the first visit. I immediately called up their billing office and questioned them as to why the bill was sent when the session was supposedly free of charge. The billing department did not answer my query but Kelly charged me because she gave me advices more than it was needed. It was over the basic information and the discussion had lasted long, for that he had sent in a bill for $50. When I told them I was not going to pay Kelly became extremely rude and cursed me, she told me I better pay that! She suddenly became so disrespectful, you can’t believe it. I would not advice anyone to attend a Paseo Primary Physician, as they are frauds, they lure you by saying its free and later on charge you and send in additional bills. She did not even apologize for her rudeness, not even when I told her I would complain. She is interested in collecting money from unsuspecting patients who are uniformed to their policies. She is tarnishing her and the Paseo Physician ‘s reputation, but whatever. I would suggest no one to go!!

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