Kellys Alaskan Malamutes

Kellys Alaskan Malamutes Review

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Published: 16 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

First off post your medical records here. Proof of parvo. Because that’s the first thing you spread all over Facebook. That a Pup was transported illegally with parvo across state lines. First lie. Please remember I have all your and Marcys messages and posts ! Trust me every one! Secondly. I told you to post proof. Elsa test. You went to the vet. You screamed Parvo Parvo all over the Internet!! Show a positive test. Easy ?! Show the blood cell count ? Easy. Or wait. Distemper now ?! Ok we will give you that for 5 minutes. Show proof. Show your medical findings. Your good at Note taking according to your records. What about vet records? Do you want to post those up here ? Would you like to post your signed contract. ? Would you like to tell the world why it is you claimed you have had conversations with proof ? But have yet to provide an ounce of proof ? Falsified documents ? From whom ? Why would another breeder publicly post information about someone else’s puppy transaction? What does it have to do with them ? Nothing. So when it comes to falsifying anything your credit is null. And void by using another breeder to ruin our reputation. Going to a newspaper intern to share your soapbox story. With zero proof !! zero. Because Michele you have none. I never sold you a dog. You never had one conversation with me about any puppy before after or during any transaction. You were not refunded money because it was not your money nor your Dog. Again I’m not sure where you came from but really you should stop trying write tales. Post your medical proof. Your some awesome nurse you keep spouting about. If I was in the medical field. I would be showing medical proof. So let’s see it.

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