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Published: 24 July 2017

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Please share BadServiceKenGarffHyundai We all know that how frustrating it can be when it comes to dealing with car sales people. As a customer, we expect honesty, respect and most importantly promises that could be fulfilled. Well, today sales person at Ken Garff Hyundai literally told me (and my wife): “ GO TO HELL”. Please listen to the audio clip. Background: My wife and I bought Hyundai sonata in March 2014 from Ken Garff Hyundai, Salt Lake City. When I was buying this car, the sales person at Ken Garff (Greg) acted like he was my best friend. He told me that if I have any problems with this car “call me, call me if it is weekend, if is past our business hours, just call me”. I’m not sure if you have seen Ken Garff Hyundai’s advertisement saying “10 years or 100,0000 miles warranty, just bring your car if you have any troubles, we will fix it”. Today’s Story: Well today July 1 2015 was that day when we had troubles with our car. Our car battery was not functioning. I thought that I paid substantial amount of money last year and within a year battery is dead? Well, my first reaction was to go and talk to my best friend (according to him, not me) at Kengarff Hyundai. So, my wife and I went to there office. We first went to the services department to get their opinion. The service manager said that battery is dead and we will have to pay $146. I said that we bought this car last year, what about the warranty? He suggested talking with our salesperson. So, we went inside the office and met Greg. Here is the episode and please listen to the audio clip. Greg was not only rude; he completely disrespected me, and most importantly my wife (not acceptable at all). Conversation: Rohit: Hi Greg, how you doing? Greg: Good. What’s up? Rohit: Greg, remember I purchased this car last year? We have a small situation. Battery is not working. Greg interrupted me right in between and said very harshly “Rohit, THERE IS NOTHING THAT I CAN DO” Please listen to the audio clip that I recorded and listen how this conversation went. Please pay special attention at 2:18. In the end, I told Greg: “If you have given me a better answer, we were considering to buy another car (SUV) in 6 months. But, today you just lost that sale. Why? It is not about $146 for the battery; it is about explaining us in a better way. But instead, you gave me a rude answer that “we are not responsible for anything and go to hell” GREG RESPONSE: That’s how it is !! As a customer, who bought this car in 4 hours (same day), we were expecting good/clear communication and respect. At the time of sale, Greg promised more than his capabilities. Assured us that he will listen to us and in case of problems they are here. Thousands of people go through this episode. Today, I was fortunate that I was able to record this conversation. Please share our story with your network, so at minimum we as customers can get “honesty, respect and most importantly promises that could be fulfilled”.

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