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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We discovered seth wiltz films Kendall seth wiltz) on instagram and started following him. We were impressed with his video style and quality. We contacted him to see if we could retain his directorial services for a music video for one of our songs. He was not living in los angeles at the time but said he would be moving here in june 2017. He subsequently moved to los angeles and we began planning our video shoot. We chose his $600 package and he invoiced us through paypal for the deposit of $300.00. On june 12, 2017 we paid the invoice through our paypal account. We set the video shoot date for july 9th. The agreement was to pay him the balance on the day of the shoot. | Prior to the day of the shoot he accompanied us to scout out locations. We picked him up from his residence. After scouting and finding our location we stopped at a fast food restaurant and as show of gratitude for his time we paid for his meal. | The day of the video everything was going well until we found out he did not bring any equipment to play our song on. All the other music videos we had done the director has brought their own equipment to play the audio/song on so that the audio and video footage are in sync. Although he didn’t have a way to play our song he assured us it would not be a problem. We asked him several times throughout filming if he was sure he could work around the issue of no audio and be able to sync the video with audio, and each time he said no worries it wouldn’t be a problem. | Anyways we film the video. Being that we were now concerned about the video and whether or not seth would be able to actually sync the video with the audio, we told him we would give him $200.00 that day and the last $100.00 upon delivery and he agreed. He told us we would have the video in a week and half. | After not recieving the video when he stated we contacted him two weeks after the video shoot, it took him a while to respond. He finally responded two day later and said sorry he had gone to vegas to celebrate his 24th birthday but he planned to have the video to us by that coming wednesday and he apologized for the delay. | Well that was the last we ever heard from him. We contacted him numerous times and even gave him an out by stating if something was wrong with the video we would still like to have the raw footage for still photos and perhaps cut/crop some of the footage that might be useable for other promotional purposes. We even told him that we would not list his name as director, if his unresponsiveness had anything to do with the video footage not being up to par. Still he never responded. | At the time when we were trying to get in touch with him to get our video, we went to his instagram page and noticed his page said, “no posts yet”. We were thinking that something had happened to him and actually was hoping he was ok, despite being pissed off and disappointed. | So we decided to let it go and hope he was ok and would showed up, call us or even better send us our video finally. Periodically i would check his instagram account for any updates. It wasn’t until recently in 2018 we decided to do a search for him on our pc where our instagram is not logged in and we clicked on the link for his instagram page and what do we find? New posts from him of videos that he has been shooting. We finally figured out the reason we couldn’t see any posts from him through our instagram account is because he had blocked us on instagram. | So not only did he not deliver our product, stop responding to us, stole our $500.00 Not to mention that the entire cost for wardrobe, a dancer, two extra actors and food for the day of filming cost us in total $1500.00 which was a loss since we never got the video) but to add insult to injury he blocked us on instagram as if we were harassing him or something. | Previously we had decided not to file a report or any litigation against him thinking that something may have happened to him but now that we find out that he is alive and well and still making videos and making money, going along as if our situation never happened, well now we find it necessary to file every fraud and Yscam that we can. | His unprofessionalism and cowardice need to be known by any new potential clients. | He is young and we hope that he at least learned that as the director it is his job to handle lightening, filming, audio and all other things related to and needed to film a proper video. | We would love it if he could just find it in his heart to man up, apologize and let us know what happened and oh also offer a refund to us for the $500.00 he basically stole from us.

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