Kenmore Self Storage

The place is full of mice and rats.

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Audrey

Kenmore Storage is unprofessional, inconvenient and dirty. It’s the worst storage you can go to. You’d be greeted by those rodents in the lobby and near the gates. So, if your belongings get damaged, then blame the mice, not the staff. The staff is terrible as well. They don’t let you access your unit most of the time. The opening hours are very limited. The owners don’t care if you have a life. The space you’re paying for is under their control and you can only access it when it’s convenient for them. The site seems professional and the reviews say it’s a clean and well-maintained space. Lies! There isn’t any sense of cleanliness here.

These people also offer rental trucks for moving your stuff. I thought it was a great service but the staff doesn’t handle your stuff properly. They dropped 2 of my boxes in front of me! They handle your stuff like it’s trash. I told them there were fragile products in there but they didn’t seem to listen. The owners behaved nicely so that was the only plus here. Apart from that, my entire experience with this place was horrible.

First, I hate rats. They are filthy, ugly and carriers of billions of diseases. I keep my house clean and free from any rats or other rodents. And, I have a kid who I wouldn’t want to get exposed to the various germs of a rat. When I saw a rat running in the lobby of Kenmore Storage, I was mad. I asked their staff what a rat was doing there and when are they going to do something about it. They told me they’ll get rid of it. They charge you sky-high prices for keeping your belongings with rats! There wasn’t any mention of rats on their reviews too. So either it was a new problem for them or these people publish fake reviews for their betterment.

Moreover, I had to go and check my storage unit to confirm something. When I got there, they told me that their storage units remain closed on weekends. That was an unpleasant surprise. They told me to come back on Monday to check on my stuff. When I asked them if I wanted to get my stuff on a weekend would they allow that and they told me that they won’t. So if their office is closed, your locker is closed too.

All in all, this place gave me a terrible experience. I ain’t visiting the place ever again. These people don’t care about their customers’ belongings. The rats chewed up one my cartons and contaminated the stuff inside it for sure. I don’t want anything to do with these guys. I’d suggest going someplace else. And if you really want to store your things here, then buy a couple of metal boxes for your things. Otherwise, they’d get chewed up by a bunch of filthy rats too. Stay away and you’ll be good to go.

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