Kennedee Griffin Petroleum

Kennedee Griffin Petroleum

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Investigation of Kennedee-Griffin Petroleum, LLC (KGP) and its Officers regarding the “Targeting” of the Elderly and Other Possible Criminal Activities have ended and, as a Result, We are preparing to File Documented Multiple State and Federal Securities and Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering Allegations, against KGP. KGP leaves a trail of destitute senior citizens and financial ruin in its wake of alleged criminal activities . Moss, Tennessee: Colt Ledger & Associates, the nation’s only licensed private investigation firm specializing in investment fraud and its associated criminal fraud and money laundering activities, today announced the completion of their preliminary investigation Kennedee-Griffin Petroleum. Colt Ledger, owner, says that he is confident in his allegations which, in the past, have been successfully defended, all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court, and led to 30 or so, of these criminal thugs pleading guilty, going to prison and forfeiting their assets. | All of these types of investments are “target” oriented, that is, they are aimed at, primarily, the elderly who, many times is completely ignorant of the investment and/or the facts that offering company is intentionally withholding material facts, such as, the offering company does not actually own or operate the well/s, they have jacked up the price to as high as 500% plus, and they have never produced a commercially productive well or project, therefore, none of their clients have ever been recovered their initial investment. However, most of the thugs offering these types of investment are unlicensed to sell securities and the offering company has failed to follow SEC regulations regarding their offering of the investment which opens the door to wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and many more allegations. | Every, so called “Joint Venture” has proven to me illegally structured and operated. This appears to be the position that KGP finds itself in. Be aware that you may have invested several years ago but there are still statutes of limitation that may be currently viable according to Federal authorities. If you have had a positive or negative contact with KGP, please contact Colt Ledger immediately at 270-407-5041. Note: The above comments are the expressed opinions of Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., and everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise in a legal forum.

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