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Fake Company! Money Looters! Run Away with your Money!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: nicolai

This company, Kennedy Funding Financial is a fraud company that has nothing to do with your project and will only keep their eyes on your money. They have been deceiving people from quite a while now and have been into this to make people fool and extort as much money out of them as possible. They literally have no shame and are only focusing on the amount of money they can suck in from you. Mind you, they have tricked many people and are still on their pursuit to take more people in.
I personally got tricked by them for $ 40, 000 as their due diligence amount which never came back. They literally took it for no particular reason except for their fake ways to make money. This is part of their plan. I even believe that this is the only source from which they tend to earn a lot. Even two of my other friends have paid more than $ 100, 000 as the due diligence fee and were never paid back. What kind of way is this to rip off people for your own selfish interests? They are just finding people who will get befooled easily and they can take out money from such individuals in an easy way.

When I first contacted them, I wanted to have funds for my project and was in a hurry, when they asked me to pay $ 90, 000 which I clearly didn’t have at that time, I suggested the amount $ 40, 000 be paid now and the remaining amount later as per the company’s policies. In addition to this, I was asked to sign some documents, these documents said that ‘this amount once paid will not be returned back as they come under some non-refund policy of the company ’. I had to sign on such piece of a document at that time, although I was not at all interested.

Later, whenever I tried to contact the company, I could never reach out to them. It became so tough for me to not talk like that. It meant that the company had been doing fraud with me and I was not at all aware of such a thing. I was completely shattered. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that this company would behave like that. I visited the company after a few days, the person with whom I intended to meet was not present and so I decided that I will meet the man in charge, who seemed quite understanding and explained that as I had signed that document, he couldn’t do anything to initiate the refund. And he told that I won’t get those $ 40, 000 back. They are gone. After three days, I receive a response that my project funding could not be made possible owing to the company policies. I was not able to understand the problem and wanted an immediate solution. So, I reached out to my cousin who had taken similar funding to kick-off his project but from some other company.
The experience with this company has made me hate the private broker companies even more and I have understood that they just run after money and want your money, later they will cancel funding to your deal, without giving any appropriate reason. This is just so bad. No one should ever suffer from such a horrible experience. The companies that are working to fund legitimate funds are just difficult to find and such fake companies are working in order to rip off money from the pockets of innocent people who are paying Thousands of dollars in the name of due diligence fee which is a scam.

I have already asked my lawyer to sue the company for playing me such tricks and plan out well to extort money from me. No one will ever know what they are doing behind their company doors if we won’t speak up. I have also checked some of the company reviews which strongly favor everything I have just said. They need to review their so-called customer-friendly ways and impart high-quality services to people rather than such fake things that only put shame on the name of the company. Also, I have asked all my friends to spread the word of mouth about the fake services and money looting services this company offers, this company will never stay in business for long. I will do everything in my power to bring the real face of this company in front of all. Then only, the company will realize what effect their actions are putting on the lives of other people. I feel pity for people who have already been looted by these fraudsters.

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