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Published: 16 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I met Kenneth Gala online back in June 2009…he found me ! I know now that he specifually target us nice / decent people who are kind, or have something he can get be it flattery, praise, money, gifts, sex, an ego boost or just fun having many women at the same time lying and playing them ! For whatever reason this is sick to do this to anyone ! He did the usual Narcissist thing by to love bomb me.. the mirroring technique they are well know for ! They study you and every word you say, your strengths and weaknesses and use them to their advantage or against you ! They will say just what they need to say to win you over ! When he saw my profile online I had a respectful picture up and my profile spoke of my decency as a woman and the caring person I am and it caught his eye and he contacted me first ! He told me so much BS but I ended up beleiving him…he was VERY convincing ! He even tolds me I could talk to his good friends, family etc to check him out of I wanted ! he gave me his email address, phone number and mailing address and so I trusted him and never checked him out ! Regrets, regrets ! I have to try to make this story short as possible so I will skip much stuff but will make my point best I can ! You see I am an honest person and I have manyt people who know me and know I am a good person and that I am who I say I am ! Many people would vouch for my character in a second ! I really do have nothing to cover or hide ! Kenneth Gala does ! My report contains only my experience of 5 years knowing him and from conversations with thise close to him..including family ! So my report is based on FACTS only ! Please all I hope for is that you read about Narcs online and watch for red flags early on and save yourself from what I and other women went through ! if you meet him and think you are something special to him…or maybe you are the one who can change him…think again ! You are onoy a supply and while he is feeding off you there are other he is prepping…. Don’t get hurt….don’t get fooled ! he know tells everyone I am crazy and not to listen to me..trying to silence me from exposing him ! 5 years with him would make any women feel crazy..thank goodness mine was long distance with him ! He love bombed me : told me everything I wanted to hear, lied, exhaggerated about him self and his accomplishemtns and life, told me he is a man of integrity and honesty , a godly praying man, a true Native Amercian Warrior as he (and I quote him ) put it ! That he was a great and lovingfather to his son, close to his family etc..this list can go on and on ! He made me feel I found my soul mate, my match in everything ! it wasnlt long…a few months he wanted and pressed me over and over to hear me say I was falling in love with him….stupidly I gave in and said that to him ! I know it was dumb ! Don’t remind me ! He paid so much attention to me, emails 3-4 times a day, calls maybe 2-3 times a day and some lasted 4-5 hours ! My birthday when we forst met he showered me in attention all day long…6 times a day wishing me happy birthday and being romantic with me ! Eventually it was calling or emailing to say he loved me many times a day and was thinking of me alone ! I fell harder for him. He send me pics of himself that were at least 3-4 years old and wre on some beach on 2 of them..he cut out parts of the pics before he sent them to me…said he was being a gentleman etc…and one at a restarant which was also had half cut out ! He said he was on a vacations in the pics alone….turns out it was with a woman and he was NOT alone on the trips ! ( by the way she paid for every one of them trips and he payed not a red to help)…this ex with loads of money and material stuff was a women he told me approached him where he worked one day to go out to dinner with her.and he said NO because he has integrity and money and looks cannot buy him ! Ya right ! I found out after she was his ex before me for a few years….she had lots of $ and he somehow conned bombing maybe ! After her business went slow and had to sell he large homes etc…..she wanted to buy a house for them to live in where he lives in Santa Fe NM and also asaked him to start paying for stuff and help out…this is where he discarded her with no closure ! Dumped ! She was long distance also so it was the delete button for her as it was for me..then blocked ! Coward ! While I was with him he over 5 years gas lighted me and made me think I was making stuff up, imagined stuff, or misheard stuff , he conviced me I needed therapy to deal with my so called past abuses / past relationships with bad men and I was taking it out on on him whenever I asked questions or spoke up to him about almost anything ( you have to walk on broken glass as he gets upset and offended extemely easy ) I confided thing in him out if trust and he used them against me to make me feel like crap about myself….he took my weakness and contactly reminded me of them over and over to keep me in line and under his control….it worked ! I took the blame for everything !!! I mean everything ! He NEVER in 5 years said sorry to me or accepted any blame for anything ! he warned me many times to never shove the past mistakes in his face…or he would leave and never speak to me again…but shoved every single mistake ( which we not really mistakes) I evern so caled made in my face over and over…yet said he forgives me and the oast is the past and we need to move forward ! What a joke ! Would you be able to move forward with stuff shoved in your face over and over again ? I bet Not ! He gave me silent treatments everytime I tryed to tell him I had needs also and things were not fair. He was upset no matter how I said things or worded things….the guilt and blame he dumped on me was painful for me ! I cried for sometimes months everyday beggin for forgiveness, pleaded repeatedly …only would I get an email once in awhile to remind me how nasty I was apparently ! Making me feel even worse ! They say when I Narcissist is silent treatmenting is because at that time he is love bombing someone else at that time…When they come back to you that other person is getting the silent treatment ! It is really sick ! it was confirmed by his own sister that he plays women feelings and always has..and they he frequents dating sites online and at the same time flirting and talking women out to dinner where he lives all the while he has others thinking they are the one ! He is NOT and Never has been a good father to his son….for the first two years denied he was his son…never even told his own falijy about his son until he was 2 years old ! Said to them he was saving it for a surprise ! Wow ! Is this something normal people do ? NO it is not ! I cannot get into the details of how he treats and has treated his own that is private and I wouldn’t want to hurt his son ! If your child was depresed or felt suicidal would you tell them to SUCK IT UP ! He said that to his son ! There is much more..but he did everything to me narcs do..they are sociopaths and prey on others to suck them dry and then when done discard you as if they never knew you..and tey will tell everyone you are the crazy one if you expose them..they can even make you life horrible of you do ! They will destroy you if they can ! This man was nothing he said he was…the exact opposite and selfish , arrogant and conceited about his looks and so called intelligence and accomplishments ! He looks nothing like he said he did…He always says he looks 35 when he is 55….Trust me he look 55 ! Not as fit as he brags to be either ! I am sure he posts his younger pics on dating sites ! I sent this man gifts every holiday..he took them no problems and always promised me he had something to send out for me also and promised me and I NEVER in 5 years got anything..not even a card on my birthday Actually he never even remembered that ! I had to tell him every year ! This man promised my son a bithday gift over the phone to hi poersonally and never sent anything ! Then promised him he still had that gift and was going to send it out and promised…still nothing ! Kenneth does the very minimum in any relationship and only in the love bombing stage does he make a big deal out of you ! It has to be fun all the time and he need to be free to come and go as HE pleases…his idea of a relationhip is idealistic and he CANNOT handle anything else but that ! He will eventuall blame you if the relatonship don’t work out andf tell his next supply that you wwre crazy or dod stuf to him etc…then he will be sure of getting pity from his new target ! I know I gave him that pity ! He lied to me about everything and who and what he is.. about his being a good father, about being resonsible, honest, faithful and with intergrety..or even godly….it is all lies to make hiself look better than he actually is ! Every dark triat internally a narc has they will project onto you a decent person making you feel that maybe you are those things ! When they are cheating they accuse you of cheating…when they are flirting that accuse you of that also….get my point ? I am over him totally and thinm he is a sick and wicked person who wears a mask to con people to get what he wants / needs at that point in time..his narc fix or supply ! I have had some much emotional trauma caused by this man over the last 5 years and he has taken a decent woman and messed me up and caused me to dount my own gut instancts and self…I know who I am and I am not that crap he projected on to me ! He is ! My only goal is to try…if I can to save some other women from being used, lied to and scammed by this man ! It is your choice in the end…but if you read what others who have been through this with a Narc..I could not wish that kind of pain on anyone ! He can call me crazy all he likes ! But he knows he is a liar and I exposed him and what I am saying is true ! I got the facts from his family, son and my own personal experience ! That is enough for me ! If you want to know more or need to see a photo of this guy contact me….. Please read up on the different type of Narcs about there ! Educate yourself ! Peace everyone ! If I can report a scammer online legally…well he is just that !

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