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Published: 11 October 2018

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My roommates and I recently contacted Kenny in an attempt to rent a home he made available. We viewed the home and expressed our interest in it, at which time I offered to pay the deposit in full to ensure that the house would be held for us while our applications were reviewed. Kenny refused to hold the property until the applications were complete – which was fine. We agreed to complete the applications and then meet again the following day to make the deposit and turn in the applications. As we were leaving, another group came in to view the house. The next day, myself and 2 of my roommates got off of work early in order to make the appointment we set. We all met at the house and waited for Kenny. The time of our appointment came and went, but Kenny did not show up. My roommate called him to see if he was running late, at which time Kenny informed him that another group had already made the deposit on the house and he would be renting it to them, assuming they passed their applications and credit checks. The issue here is that the group who got the house was the one who viewed it after us. We confirmed this when we drove by the property again and recognized their cars. It’s usually considered ethical to offer a rental to the first qualified applicants. If the issue was money, it doesn’t make sense, as I offered Kenny the full deposit before he’d even met the other group. If the issue was that we hadn’t turned our applications in yet, the other group should have been disqualified as well, considering they hadn’t turned theirs in yet either by Kenny’s own admission. Three of us lost money in order to make the meeting – we left work early. I had to have my employer drive across town from our main office to my office in order to sign a document that Kenny requested. If Kenny had simply given us a courtesy call, this entire situation could have been avoided. Instead, Kenny chose to just ignore us and let us all go to the house and wait for him, knowing full well he wasn’t intending to show up. This came off as extremely unprofessional, especially for a self-proclaimed real estate agent. The following day, my roommate called Kenny to check in and see if the other group was definitely getting the place. Kenny seemed confrontational and asked my roommate why he was calling, even after being told. My roommate then told him that he felt he’d been disrespectful to us, and Kenny became aggravated and hung up on my roommate. This man has clearly demonstrated that he can’t work fairly with potential renters. I’m not sure why anyone would want to rent from him – if this is how he treats people he’s just met, I can only imagine how he treats people he feels owe him something.

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