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That guy is a mental case and an anti-vaxxer.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Pearline

Stay away from Kenneth Zats. He tells you and your partner that vaccines are bad for children. He is a mentally retarded guy who shouldn’t be a doctor. As a doctor, he is supposed to give rational and logical advice to his patients. But this guy is beyond any normal comprehension. He tells you that getting your kid vaccinated is equivalent to ensuring your kid’s mental health to deteriorate. He has been telling my wife that vaccination is bad. He gives illogical arguments and he claims to be an expert on pediatrics. I am pretty sure that no sane pediatrician would advise his patients to avoid vaccination. That guy has been telling my wife about the bad effects of vaccines (which I know are completely made up) for some time now. I have just recently found out about this stuff.

If I had known before that this guy is an anti-vaxxer, I would have told my wife way early to stop taking our kids to him. How can you trust a doctor who doesn’t even believe in science? He should be in a mental asylum or something like that, not in some professional clinic.

This guy is a dangerous criminal too. Never trust him with your kid’s treatment. He has told my wife in confidence that he doesn’t vaccinate children. Instead, he just fakes the procedure. That’s a crime. But because there’s no evidence of it, I don’t think I can file a complaint against this guy. All I know is that Zatz is a maniac. He is a lunatic who is somehow, free and is qualified to run a clinic. But his qualifications don’t matter because this guy doesn’t have any brains or logic to work with. I bet this guy believes in Satan too. I wasn’t aware of Zatz’s reality for a lot of time. I am so foolish that I can’t even believe it. I was the one who had found this guy. And I thought he was a reputed pediatrician so I had suggested my wife to take my kid, Brian, to this guy’s clinic. I didn’t know I was putting my kid’s life at danger. Like I told you before, I wouldn’t have even considered this guy to be an option if I had known he was an anti-vaxxer. No matter what arguments those guys give, I know that vaccines are important. They keep the freaking diseases away for Christ’s sake! I don’t want my child Measles or some other random and rare disease. I want my child to live a healthy and normal life. This guy, he is a freak. He was telling my wife that he has seen examples of people losing their children because of vaccination. He claims that 20% of the vaccines are actually poisonous and can kill the child within a year or two. What kind of f*cked up logic is that? What’s the proof? This guy is nuts so stay away from him.

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