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Published: 25 March 2019

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I was attacked by a fellow student at California State University Fresno in the Spring of 1996 named Kent Delgadillo. He approached me with on offer of sex and when I declined, he became upset. After a minute or two, he calmed down and said that he could always use another friend as he offered to shake hands. I agreed to friendship and we seemed to put it aside. It was all just a ploy as he continued to stalk, date-rape drug, and assault me. He did this at least three times during lunch breaks nearby to the campus. Kent accessed my wallet, obtaining my driver’s license and ATM cards, along with Social Security card. He became enraged and started thrashing me about as he demanded my PIN number and other information about my family. He was not alone in his crime that day. There must have been about three or more others there that I could hear talking for quite some time. One of them was handed my keys from my pocket and went to my home at 3412 W. Browning Ave, driving my blue Chevy pickup, while Kent stayed behind. They were talking via cell phone as the house was being cased for theft. I think that he is involved in a crime ring with connections to the military. Because of the drug he used, GHB, I did not have recall for about ten years. When I did, I made a police report to the Fresno Police Department, report 04-13314, but Kent was neither arrested nor prosecuted. There were witnesses to the event and a campus police officer was called to the New Music Building where Kent dropped me off, where he asked for help covering himself from student Eric Hamilton. Even though witnesses Terry Winant, Mark Marquez, Regina Bradshaw, and Ara Jabagchourian tried to complain, the campus cop bought Kent’s story he made up about drinking too much. Kent ran from the officer after claiming it was all just too much fun that day. There were many crimes that Delgadillo commited back then, but most have statutes of limitations such as Grand Theft Auto of ten years. But Theft of Identity has no statute. It is searcheable and able to be prosecuted across time. My suspicion is that he has done something very serious with my name, like insurance fraud. I am in fear of Delgadillo due to the violence involved, including torture with car battery and stabbing the groin so I should have obtained a restraining order. The attorney I spoke with denied any desire to assist me with one. I am coming forward with my story due to the lack of action by the university and the police to bring him to justice, in addition to the fact that he went on to obtain a teaching credential and works as an elementary teacher for Clovis Unified. .

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