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I could not believe my ears and I left the clinic infuriatingly. 

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The decision I regret the most is going to Kerrville Pediatric Dentistry. It had been almost two years since I got my teeth cleaned and I decided to get my teeth scaled as they were looking totally gross among other problems such as foul breath. After researching for about a week, I decided to book an appointment at Kerrville Pediatric Dentistry after a recommendation from an acquaintance. I decided to get an appointment with the doctor at 3:00 P.M and so I reached the clinic about half an hour before. While the staff members were alright, I could not help but notice an open trashcan because of which a foul smell was present just beside me. I politely requested the cleaning lady to cover the dustbin but she did not pay heed to my request. Nevertheless, I waited for the doctor for about forty-five minutes before he came.
Rather than listening to me about my problems, the doctor could not help but sing praises about him regarding the fact that he is one of the most successful dentists in all of Kerrville. After he finished boasting about his ‘Success’, he asked to choose between the two methods of Scaling – 1) By an Ultrasonic Instrument or 2) By Handheld Instruments, and before I could answer, he insisted on using handheld instruments.
Usually, dentists use Anesthesia in order to numb the sensitive areas, but he did not, stating that it is not ‘necessary’ and it will be ‘alright’. I do not have sensitive gums but when he was mid-way through the procedure, my gums started to hurt. When I tried telling him that, he told me ‘shut up and stay still’. One of his pointed instruments which he was using to keep my mouth open forcefully hit my gums and I started bleeding heavily. After almost an hour of bearing the excruciating pain, it was finally over. Although the bleeding had stopped, my jaws and gums still hurt.
Usually, Scaling is done in 2-3 phases and when I asked him about when is my next appointment, he told me that it is all done. I looked at the mirror and I could see the yellowness quite evidently. When I told him about the fact that my teeth were still evidently dirty, he told me that’s ‘the best he could do with a set of teeth like mine”.
Even after a week of the procedure, my gums still hurt me and there was occasional bleeding of my gums and since I could not bear that pain anymore, I decided to call the doctor and ask him what to do. At first, he did not pick my call up. Then he handed his phone to his assistant who told me that the doctor was not yet in. I called the clinic after that and got to know that he was present in his cabin.
Honestly, such an incompetent doctor should not be allowed to have the degree of a doctor at all. This is the worst thing that could happen to any person. I would not even suggest my mortal enemy to go to Kerrville Pediatric Dentistry even for a simple procedure such as a regular dental check-up.

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