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Published: 13 February 2018

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Kevin Doyle has been selling FAKE Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork claiming that it is authentic. He sells on them on ebay and in his studio. He creates this artwork himself and adds a provenance letter with it to trick you. On his Facebook website he claims to have sold 41 original Basquiat pieces and that doesn’t include all of the pieces that he has sold on ebay. He uses multiple screen names on ebay and I’ve contacted ebay over and over again about this guy and they don’t do anything about it apparently. I remember he used to sell artwork under the screen name on ebay but that name is no longer a registered user. If you look under his feedback you can see that someone has already accused him of selling a FAKE Basquiat piece for thousands of dollars. If you look further you can see that Kevin sold a piece that says “Basquiat Style” in which he drew something and attributed it to the manner of Basquiat so you know he’s had some practice.I remember quite a few drawings that he attributed to Basquiat but never sold any, so, I’m sure one day he just slapped a provenance on one of these pieces and it sold for a lot of money and he hasn’t looked back ever since and now he seems to be the sole beneficiary of dozens and dozens and dozens of unknown or unpublished Basquiat artworks. Look for yourself, he has two Facebook pages, all you have to do is Google Kevin Doyle and Basquiat and they will come up. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s drawings have sold for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Basquiat’s paintings easily fetch millions of dollars at auctions and Kevin Doyle sells his “original” Basquiat pieces for whatever he can get for them because he can just make more. Like I said, he claims to have sold 41 original Basquiat pieces in his studio and he has much more work that he has sold on ebay. I can guarantee you that nobody in the world owns that many Basquiat originals and Kevin Doyle seems to have a neverending supply. His proof of authenticity is basically a notarized letter saying that Jean-Michel Basquiat gave Kevin Doyle these artworks back in the 80’s when Basquiat was still alive. Here are some of the ebay names that have sold this fraudulent art; ninaslove, estate-finders, anachronisticannie and declan8. This guy makes more money off of the Basquiat pieces that he draws than he does with is OWN artwork. It’s ridiculous that nobody has sued him yet because he sells more and more every week. Someone posted a comment on his Facebook page saying something like, “I never thought that I would get to own an original Basquiat in my lifetime” and he thanks Kevin and I felt so bad because I know for a fact that it’s a fake. I’ve studied Basquiat’s work extensively so I know a fake when I see one and anyone who knows anything about Basquiat’s work would look at the stuff that Kevin sells and throw up a red flag as well. If these pieces were actually original then Kevin would have gone through the proper channels to get them authenticated and he would be a multi-millionaire. It’s simple logic. Nobody would sell an original Basquiat for less than ten thousand dollars, but Kevin Doyle doesn’t put a reserve on his ebay auctions and doesn’t seem to mind making three hundred dollars off an “original Basquiat”. This guy is a fraud. I never bought anything from him, I know better, I just think that people should do their homework before buying anything related to Basquiat from this guy because what he is doing is illegal. I don’t really see a difference between robbery and what this guy is doing. He doesn’t even have these pieces in a frame. He’s supposedly been holding onto all of this original material since the 80’s and they’re not in frames. Ugh. It’s so obvious it hurts. This guy has NO respect whatsoever.

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