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Published: 09 June 2018

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SEASIDE MARIANA SPA & GOLF RESORT/KEVIN FLEMING/MARIA RUEDA/GROUPO MARIANA (hereinafter referred to as Kevin Fleming) FACING LEGAL PROBLEMS FOR MASSIVE MULTI MILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE SCAM On May 22 2012 a law suit was filed in Managua Nicaragua against all entities named above (Kevin Feming) by investors in an attempt to recover millions invested in a land investment scam known as Seaside Mariana. Pursuant to contract arbitration terms inserted by Taboada and Associates the lawyer for the Defendent(s) in the original documentation, the Defendent has 60 days to respond and appear at an arbitration hearing to be held under Nicaraguan arbitration rules and in Nicaragua before proceeding to full legal pursuit as outlined by the lawsuit that was filed with the courts. The Defendent Fleming named above failed to appear giving the Plaintiff full legal authority to pursue recovery as outlined in the law suit under Nicaraguan law. The amount of the law suit is for an amount in excess of $2 Million Dollars. As a result of the frivolous and reckless actions of Fleming, the Defendents gained a Legal Registration of the Law Suit as a Legally Registered Lien against all of the titles and lands at Seaside Mariana excepting 26 legally registered lots owner by a fraction of the total number investors that have given Fleming money thinking they actually own land or condo within the project known as Seaside. The result of Fleming’s frivolous attitude toward credibly protecting investors who trusted in him to develop a project has revealed to all but 26 title holders from more than 371 titles created and ALL OF THE CONDOMINIUM BUYERS that have imaginary titles through a ‘Promise of Sale’ document, that they are either facing 100% loss on their investment or have been placed in harms way and have an extremely high chance of losing 100% of thier investments. Mr Fleming is an Impressively Brilliant Marketer and Master Manipulator and extremely efficient at parting unsuspecting and trusting investors from their money and spending it wildly and tucking it away in unknown places knowing the eventuality that his high deceptions would hit the wall and the Fleming Kindom would come crashing down. Since the inception of the project in 2007, virtually nothing was created within the project. There currently is only a couple of drilled wells more than 5 years old and a modecum of partly finished structures that lack any semblence of infrastructure support as there simply isn’t any (water connection, electricity, sewer, …not even one finished road) and will likely never be any under the current admistration of Fleming. All of these ‘in your face’ items and still people flock to Fleming to give him money. His power over convincing people to believe in his stories is truly impressive. In email communications Mr Fleming has boasted in excess of $21 Million raised in Sales. The original project land cost was only $4 Million and a change. There are a couple of wells and a very few thousands dollars of in minimal unfinished structures (2 beach side bungalows and an entrance gate). Mr Fleming is preparing for a Big Sales Event in Nicaragua Nov 28-Dec 2 2012 to try to get more money for his sinking ship and grandios salaries paid to himself and to his wife Maria Rueda. Mr Fleming is well prepared with Myriads Of excuses why things have not gotten going. His stories vary from investor to investor and event to event. INVESTORS CONSIDERING BUYING IN THE PROJECT ARE WARNED TO USE YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT LAWYER and not fall prey to the cunning salesmanship of this man. Credibility is evidenced by the accomplishments of developer to develop. After 6 years of development, over $21 million in cash invested there only stands land and a few blocks of concrete covering a couple thousand square feet of land from a project with 923 acres of land with zero infrastructure in place. SEASIDE MARIANA IS ALSO CURRENTLY BURDENED BY DEBTS that Mr Fleming has admited to in email communications with investors that he needs to borrow the money to pay taxes of $85000(or $95000 depending on who you talk to) from someone to be able to give investors their titles, that have already paid to register them more than a year ago to Taboada and Associates without success and now impossible without Mr Fleming settling all tax debts and the lien that is now registered on the land. If he doesn’t have enough for taxes, he doesnt have enough for settling any law suit, or enough money to defend his credibility in finishing the project he started. Where is Mr Fleming’s credibility there. That opinion may be scruitinized but when you review the legally registered documents in the public registry and review email communications you will find a myriad of lies and deceptions. This story continues without end but as of Nov 6th 2012 there is no solution in sight for a remedy to the deceptions and careless investing of the unsuspecting investors that still come and believe Mr Fleming stories. Anyone who reads this and is curious to know the validity of the aforegoing can search the public registry in Managua. Investor or potential investor inquiries may be sent to Seasidemarianaripoff on the gmail webmail service. A response will follow. .

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