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Published: 26 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Another customer that this scumbag con artist Kevin McDermott who says his name was KEVIN TAYLOR won trust over by bringing his 11 year old son who I might add, has learning disabilities!! Hmm, wonder how much of a law abiding citizen this young kid will be when he grows up!!! This scammer was actually hired by the neighbour to do a very large project. You may ask how we became tangled up with the scammer ourselves was of course through the neighbour……FIRST MISTAKE!! Neighbour approached us with this idiot Kevin to share cost of fence/retaining wall. Before we said yes, we requested a full breakdown of the work that Kevin was going to do. Kevin provided this to us and so of course, trying to do the neighbourly thing and prevent conflict we agreed and gave Kevin a $750 deposit to start the fence/retaining wall. Next mistake!! He started fence almost immediately so then we asked him to give us a quote to build us a deck. Quote was very reasonable and he told us he was waiting on subcontractors to complete large project at neighbours and he could start deck in a week’s time. Then told us he generally gets customer to pay for material first however that he “TRUSTED US” and instead if we gave him a $3000 deposit he would look after getting the deck supplies himself. Of course, young son is always with him when he wants cash and this guy is such a smooth talker that we fell for it and gave him another $3000 deposit. Next, this guys true colours come out. Deck is only partially completed, our side yard is an absolute disaster, no material for deck ever arrived. Each time you call this idiot on his cell he doesn’t answer so you leave a message and he purposely will call back when he knows you’re not around and leaves messages that material is coming next day and everything is slightly delayed. BULLS***!!! Well, 1 1/2 months later, still a partial fence, no retaining wall, no deck and we are out about $3400 dollars. Apparently our neighbour is also out $2500 so between the two of us, amost $6000!!! Tells customer if paying by cheque to make cheque payable to M-Govan. From what I understand he has a step-son whose name starts with “M” and last name is Govan so apparently he even has his under-age stepson already involved whether it be directly or indirectly. Thank goodness I was able to track down a business that he deals with who gave us his true last name “MCDERMOTT” and not “TAYLOR” as he provided. Wow what a shock when I googled “Kevin McDermott”. Ripoff artist to say the least!! And teaching his young 11 year old son to grow up to be a fraudster as WELL!!! I’ve been to the RCMP but they can’t do anything. Go figure, this guy can go about his ways stealing from innocent people committing his FRAUD and we who have been FRAUDED have no recourse. We’ve filed a claim with Small Claims Court however without an address it’s impossible to serve to him. Anyone out there no where he resides?? Any clues would be greatly appreciated. .

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