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Published: 24 April 2019

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KEVIN MCDERMOTT WARNING! PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER/FRAUDSTER/CHEAT DEDICATION This site is dedicated to all the good, honest, and hard-working people cheated and scammed by Kevin McDermott of Langley (Greater Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada. Any resemblance to other people named Kevin McDermott, living or dead, is purely coincidental and is unintentional. The following summarized information regarding Kevin McDermott and his scamming activities was gathered and compiled by, and from, several of his victims. WHO IS KEVIN MCDERMOTT? Kevin McDermott has cheated and defrauded innocent people of tens of thousands of dollars, and probably more. His modus operandi is to gain your trust and ask you for advance payments for whatever scheme he is pulling, and then he doesnt hold up his end of the bargain and takes off with your money. The RCMP doesnt regard his actions as criminal because he hasnt actually stolen money by force from his victims… They consider it a contract dispute so the only recourse is to try and get your money back by going through the court system. Kevin knows this, and he moves residences every few months so it is difficult to serve him with court papers, although some people have been successful. Kevin McDermott deserves to be in jail for his actions. The purpose of this site is to continue to shine light on Kevins fraud activities so other people can be warned about him. WHO ARE WE? We are a group of his victims who have been in contact with each other to share stories and information, and who have created this website composed of our collective knowledge to ensure that the word continues to get out about Kevin McDermott, and will not be removed until he pays back what he owes to every one of his victims. ABOUT KEVIN MCDERMOTT (AS OF APRIL 2012) Caucasian male Mid-40s Approx. 6 tall. Approx. 170 lbs, thin Wifes name is Robin (Hodges) Wife Robin is coach of the Mite Girls Cloverdale Softball Team. Information can be found at (/2012 Cmfa Schedules/Girls/Mite Girls 2012.xls) Kevin is coach of the Bantam C3 JETS team of the Cloverdale Minor Hockey Association. Information can be found at Legal Judgements in which Kevin and Robin have been involved can be found at SearchTitle . Enter kevin mcdermott in the Key Words field and hit Submit . Three judgements of McDermott v. Rebuck will be listed and their details are viewable to the public. Note that Kevin McDermott is a very smooth talker, as most scammers are. He comes across as a nice, honest man and is very convincing that nothing is out of the ordinary. Do not believe his lies or you do so at your own peril. Kevins contact information is: Address: Exact address is unknown, but still residing in the Langley, B.C. area Phone Numbers: (604) 719-5329; (604) 576-9677; (778) 908-0178 (Robins Cell) B.C. Drivers License : 4478XXX E-Mail Addresses: (email address removed by admin); (email address removed by admin); (email address removed by admin) KEVIN MCDERMOTTS SCAMS RENTAL SCAM Plain and simple. Kevin doesnt pay his rent and then moves every few months. CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR SCAM Kevin asks for up-front payments before starting work, or payments for materials/equipment that never shows up and the progress slows down. Eventually the work stops completely, leaving the client with uncompleted work and the advance payments are never returned. CONTRACTOR HIRING SCAM Plain and simple. Kevin hires sub-trades for his construction work and does not pay them in full, or at all. CAR IMPORTING SCAM Kevin claims to be able to import cars at a discount price and then sell them at a profit. He gathers advance payments from you, acting as a partner, and then the vehicles never show up. He then keeps any payments made to him. PAYMENT SCAM In lieu of payment that clients/partners may owe him, Kevin has accepted large ticket items such as boats or trucks. Kevin then doesnt fulfill his end of the contract and keeps the items. VEHICLE SELLING SCAM Plain and simple. Kevin advertises vehicles for sale, takes the payment and then doesnt deliver the vehicle. Kevin often uses Craigslist to get his victims. Here is a copy of a Craigslist posting warning others about Kevin: Kevin McDermott – PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL / CONTRACTOR (British Columbia) ________________________________________ Date: 2012-01-06, 4:29PM PST Reply to: (email address removed by admin) ________________________________________ Kevin McDermott 604-719-5329 BC — DL 4478XXX 7111 — 195A Street Langley B.C. IF YOU KNOW THIS PERSON, OR ARE ABOUT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON, RUN HE LEAVES A TRAIL OF UNPAID TRADES IN HIS WAKE, (WITH NO INTENTION OF EVER PAYING THEM) HE LEAVES ALL HIS CUSTOMERS HIGH AND DRY WITH TRADES, SUING THEM FOR UNPAID INVOICES. HE CHANGES HOMES EVERY THREE MONTHS SO NO ONE CAN CATCH UP TO HIM. HE MOSTLY WORKS OUT OF THE LANGLEY B.C. AREA, BUT HAS RIPPPED OFF PEOPLE AS FAR AWAY AS NEWFOUNDLAND DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE HIRING OR WORKING FOR ANY CONTRACTOR (THIS FELLOW HAS COURT JUDGMENTS AGAINST HIM) IF YOU HAVE YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH THIS FELLOW, PLEASE EMAIL, “”THIS ADD””, TO SHARE STORIES & DETAILS OF HIS CRIMINAL ADVENTURES. ALSO – Check this website for further info : This site is also keeping track of his exploits. OTHER LINKS REGARDING KEVIN MCDERMOTT

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