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Published: 10 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went on line in 2011 and this used car dealership contacted me so I went hoping to get a good deal I should have slept over this transaction but I signed the contract and the vehicle had a non payment device it would shut off but anyway my payments were $750.00 which I could not afford I tried to get them lowered but written in stone so the truck got repo and in 2012 it went to auction so they sold it assigned their attorneys on payroll to pursue me agressively which they did they garnished me $450.00 to $500.00 payday I got behind on every else I was making payments on I had a good paying job for 8yrs but since this law firm robinson, hoover, fudge sued me the company I was working for terminated me i haven’t had a job in 11 months because of this used car dealership the key and their attorneys on payroll it has made life so hard and they are very agressive i lost sleep weight and cannot eat and i am almost 60 years old i should not have to live in fear or anyone else in this day and age this I regret ever going to the high overpriced used car lot the key it is a ripe off and highway robbery they prey on poor people they know cannot continue making payments at this price range $750.00 and up each month and you know what they have no rules or regulaitons on them and they are backed up by this high powered law firm every inch of the way so when they get the down payment and the customer tries to stay on top but something happens unexpected cannot make a payment they shut off the engine then the customer eventually gets the car repo cause who can pay $750.00 + $750.00 then automatically you are sued by their payroll law firm who have your contract as soon as you sign it ready to clamp down you to garnish they try every avenue to take you down and here in oklahoma the court and judges are for the attorneys not the people you are guilty until proven inoccent you have no chance if you go to court for any type of garnishment the attorneys have the upper hand they always win every case we the poor people have no chance but to make a presence so the attorney can ask you for all of your assets who has assets when you loose your job over this garnishment and being sued who can afford to hire an attorney when you haven’t had a job in 11 months I have no chance with this used car dealership the key with their attorneys on payroll waiting for poor people to miss a payment and start suing them for every penny I was reading in other reivews one man siad he is paying $800.00 for a vehcile that was repo and these attorneys are suing him for this amount until $18,000.00 is paid off where is the fair treatment why can’t poor people get a break in life someone needs to stop this used car dealership from using strong arm tactics they have the vehicle we don’t have it anymore but we got to buy it again and pay for it no matter what per their attorneys.

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