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SCAM. 100% a scam. Keystone Marketing Solutions and their partner company, Merchants Profits LLC are

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Published: 30 August 2017

Posted by: Patricia T. West

TONS of people are now coming forward with the claim that they were defrauded by Merchants Profits LLC and Keystone Marketing Solutions. These idiots are probably the fishiest bunch of assholes I have ever seen. It is beyond me that this can be going on in today’s society. I can get sued for missing someone’s gender pronoun, but these fucks can rip off people and get away with it. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE? I will definitively sue them and I ask people to join me.
All of these people coming forwards have a similar story and that’s why I am convinced that we can easily win this case and get our money back. From a quick search only, I found over a $100,000 in damages that people are claiming. I alone was scammed out of $13,000. NONE OF US GOT ANYTHING in return. They promised a hefty ROI and we all got ripped off instead. FUCK THAT! I will take them to court and get my money back one way or another. Ever since I told them I want to see profits on my investment or get my money back, they kept refusing to return my calls and I even confronted one of the executives that work there in person and all he did was trying to convince me that the issue was being worked out. If you actually ever meet one of these fucks, feel free to spit in their face and that is what I really should have done to this fuck Jack Baker.
I will be suing them if they get me my money back and if anyone wants to join me, the chances would be higher for us to win the lawsuit. I am not giving up on my money and I don’t care how long does it take.
My lawyer looked at the paperwork I had and he said there is a good chance that I can even receive damages based on the income I could have had with that money. Their contracts are actually quite shady and that will be somewhat of a factor in a suit as well!
This entire story is true and I’ve been posting to the forums before but these fucks keep having their legal team take it down. Every time I try to tell this story and expose them, they threaten to file a counter suit. THE NERVE OF THESE FUCKS!
Do add your comments at the bottom and leave your personal info if you would like to join me in getting these bastards. Recently, I heard that they switched from a marketing scheme to some kind of credit card fraud. Allegedly they sell credit card machines to other companies and I don’t know how, but I believe that they are ripping people off with that scheme as well. It’s just a simple fact that these assholes are always looking for new ways to steal and scam people. What I really am amazed at is the fact that it is all somehow legal. They are not getting arrested, no one seems to be looking into their business and they can do this for as long as they want. Every law enforcement agency is washing their hands off this and they all say the same thing: you can only sue them in civil court. I do not understand. What they are doing is 100% illegal. They are defrauding people on purpose, promising something they know they can’t deliver and then avoid getting charged with fraud. Absolutely fucking unreal!
One more thing that recently surfaced is that these fucks are having offices all over Texas and maybe all over the USA. The names are different but the scam is probably the same. So they are not gonna stop anytime soon and that seems to me like a fairytale. We complain about terrorists in the Middle East and we are afraid that they would come to our homes and attack us, but we should really be afraid of the domestic terrorists. Like Jack Baker and Keystone Marketing Solutions and Merchants Profits LLC and all the other companies they have. They are the real threat that keep attacking hard working Americans and no one seems to care. How can that be? How is that fucking possible? And why is no one from the FBI looking into this?

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