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Published: 02 July 2019

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One of my sons joined KidPub June 18, 2014 after we looked over the site. It promised a monthly writers contest where you could win a $50.00 gift card, every week they had a free book drawing, and the big thing is they will help you publish your book. You are suppose to get a free book just for joining, and with just a one time membership fee of $14.95 that sounds pretty great. We decided to just have him join to start out with instead of all 3 kids, in case it was a scam. Well the first problem occurred we waited 2 days and then had to contact the company as to why his account wasn’t working. They tried to say that my PayPal echeck had not cleared, and it usually takes echecks a week to clear,but they would go ahead and let him on. They actually did send him his book for joining. We waited till January for my little girl to join, and in that same week my son won a book off their weekly drawing so we decided the company must not be a bad one and let the 3rd and final kid join in February. Well here comes problems again. I had to contact the company because the third kid that joined could not use his account. We waited to say anything for 12 days because as told before, “The echecks can take up to a week to clear.” Meanwhile we were still waiting on that book the first kid won to come in the mail, and got a notice that my little girl won a book off their weekly drawing. My little girl asked, “How come my winning book came before my joining book?” She was really looking forward to reading the book she picked out called, “The mystery of cats.” The first kid that joined looked at me and asked, “How come she got her winning book before me when I won first?” The third kid asked, “How come he got a book for joining and we didn’t get to get ours?” It was March 2015 at this point so the first kid that joined had waited nearly 2 months to get that book that he supposebly won. The little girl had been waiting 2 months to get the one she is suppose to get for joining, and thats the same for the 3rd child that joined, he still hasn’t got his book for joining. It was time to contact the company again. I went online to my email and noticed that they were saying that now my 3rd child that joined had won a book. I was questioning at this point if I should even tell him. On March 12, 2015 I left them an email telling them about these books they were suppose to be getting, and they replied 2 days later telling me that the first kids book was sitting in the unclaimed pile because, “They hadn’t heard back from me.” That is a lie. As soon as each child was told they won I replied back that same day. They said the other two kids books had to be back ordered and it should be a week before they show up. We found the monthly writers contest on the site, and just as my oldest child was ready to grab a pencil and paper we realized that contest ended March 2014. There was no new contest. At this point we were beginning to realize that we were being scammed. When you sign up you have to ask for your account to work. There is no monthly writers contest. If you put your name in for a drawing you may or may not get your book, and if you join you have a 1 out of 3 chance of getting your book for joining. The first child that won a book finally got it in the mail. On May 15, 2015 I wrote them a note informing them that one of my children wrote a book, but we will not be using them to publish it. I told them they shouldn’t promise kids books if they are not going to give them to the children they promise them to. They didn’t take that too well. They actually tried to say I was the one trying to rip them off. They said I was constantly asking them for books and they kept sending them. They gave me a printout which actually proved that my kids did not recieve the books. They said they would return our joining fee, send the books “One last time” threatened me with an attorney, and didn’t want anymore to do with us. Well that was a few weeks ago and none of the things they said they would send in that last email have showed up. All my kids wanted was their books for joining, and to be a part of the writers contest. They are the ones getting scammed.

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