Kilmer Construction

Kilmer Construction

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We hired kilmer construction, jim kilmer jr. To do the following and he wanted $4000.00 for it and we gave him check number 152 drawn from community bank in carbondale, pa for $2000.00. We would pay the other $2000.00 upon completion of all the work. | He was to complete the following work: | 1. Fix broken shed, | 2. Install range hood, | 3. Powerwash the vinyl outside the entire home and shed, | 4. Install and paint a new 4 x 4 new sign 1/4″ plywood painted on our tree, | 5. Fix the shelf and repair and ripout the old floor beneath the kitchen sink, | 6. Replace the front porch door. | He never completed any of the work we hired for him to do and we emailed him twice and called him in an 8 month period over 30 times but he never responded. We told him to complete all the work or give us back the $2000.00 we paid him. He did not respond to any of our phone calls or emails. We filed a complaint with the ftc, office of the attorney general, carbondale police as well and they said they were going to arrest him and get us back our money. | Sincerely, | Matt and linda mattero

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