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Published: 30 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dr. Kime was ahorrible experience. There were a series of errors, at my expense and worst of all the surgery experience was horrible. I went to Dr. Kim in May 2015. He was charming and very easy to talk to. I have a couple of medical issues, including a heart attack in March 2015. Dr. Kim was very ok with it ans said it did not concern him as lon as my test were fine. So I went through the series of tests. The first being a stress test. I did the stress test only to find out the orders from Dr. Kim were wrong. Which meant I had to do it again. I had to pay another copay and go see another cardiologist. NOT FUN! Then I had to go see Dr. Kim again and they say they see a concerning mark on my xray. This was on a Friday. They stated I needed a CT Scan. Then entire weekend I worried because they made it appear to be concerning. My mother died of Lung Cancer. Monday I had the scan. There wasnt even a little mark. $200 more dollars. They also make you go to his sleep study clinic, The Destiny Center. I was made to do 2 sleep studies and then was given a sleep apnea machine. They sent me home with no mask. It took 4 weeks to get them to respond to me to get me a mask. When I finally got it, it was wrong. Finally the day of surgery. I am so excited. They put me under and cut me with 6 incisions and set me up for surgery. Everything was fine. Apparently my blood pressure dropped and they couldnt control it. Something went very wrong. My blook pressure was fine minutes before the surgery. They stopped the surgery and sewed me up. I woke up to find they did not do the surgery due to my blood pressure dropping. I met with Dr. Kime that following Friday. He said he would not touch me and would not do the surgery. He was rather cold to me. He felt it was too soon after my heart attack. He knew of my heart attack right from the beginning. I asked what makes the difference. He had no answer. Only to tell me he did not know what went wrong and would not work on me. Now I have 6 scars and no surgery. I am in EXCELLENT health and have had numerous surgeries exceeding 3.5hrs. This was only a 45 minutes surgery. I personally believe they did something wrong and wont admit it. When you go to Dr. Kim it looks like patients are being herded like cattle. You should see the recovery area, patients walking around to get the gas out from surgery. I trusted Dr. Kim and he let me down horribly. All I know now, is I have a fear of another surgery and I have scars and nothing to show for it. In the future I will not only check out the Dr., but check out the Anesthesiologist as well. .

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