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Not at all recommended!

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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Ruthie

Sometimes back my brother had purchased a refurbished washing machine from this store about 3 months ago. Actually, his wife had purchased appliances from this same store in the past and due to these reasons he recommended it. He actually found an affordable washing machine that had been refurbished and he was told that it works great and will last for a while. This machine looked much older for the $320 price tag but a new model of the same machine would’ve cost him closer to $600/$700, he finally decided to go for it. Initially, Kimball\’s had promised a 30-day warranty on that machine so my brother bought it happily. He used to run about 4 loads in the first month and it actually worked fine. One day he went to change the loads in the machine and realized that it was not shifting automatically from washing mode to rinsing mode or the spinning mode. He tried changing modes manually but that didn’t work too. He decided to purchase a new one because he had grown tired of using broke machines and he thought of these guys. Later on, he called to see if they would at least buy back his broken washing machine to refurbish and re-sell. The response he received was that it was past the 30 days of his warranty period because he had the machine for 90 days, so it wasn\’t their responsibility. Neither did they apologize to him nor did they show any sympathy towards him. When he replied that he thought it was a little steep to have charged him over $300 for a refurbished machine and not even give the option to sell it back he got a similar response… that why would they want it back if it didn’t work and that they had too many refurbished machines and that it wasn\’t their problem anymore. If I were him, I would have gone to their offices and slapped them on their faces. That’s no way of behaving with a customer. But they didn’t care. He wasn\’t even looking for a refund or for them to change their policy. He only wanted them to apologize for the fact that they sold him a product that should have lasted much longer than it did after he took it, he wanted them to offer him at least $50 to possibly buy back the machine to be refurbished again, or to come and remove it as to avoid costing him any additional money. The worst thing is, he didn’t get any of that. Not even a speck of hope. All he got was unfair treatment from some bastards who are too full of themselves. It’s true that business gets popular by word of mouth, especially for such enterprises which operate in small areas, but these people don’t care. They don’t give a damn about customer experience. He didn’t want to share his experience but I wanted to. You should know the reality of this place and now that you do, I hope you’ll make a better decision about the same.

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