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Published: 18 April 2019

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Kimberly “”Buckwheat”” Dalbert of San Angelo, TX is a rather disturbed individual who hails from lovely ghetto of San Angelo, TX. who has been involved in some creepy stalking of various individuals and their families for a few years, mainly on Facebook and a few work-related websites. This includes individuals who she believed to be on medications, or suffering from a disability, As she’s likley not cut out for any ‘work’ (other than perhaps working the streets), Kim pursued a seedy ‘work at home’ gig with a company known as LiveOps – where one can sell Girls Gone Wild, Kevin Trudeau products, Extenze male enhancement pills over the phone to earn a little extra change. Though it seems even then she spent more time stalking individuals and their children, or bragging about the nudie pics she’d published of herself, than actually working (why work to make income anyway? That’s what welfare is for right?) Kim also involved herself with a handful of similarily dysnfunctional, sexually vulgar, and mentally incapacitated individuals, who were also involved in his (and listed separately). Kim has also apparently substituted as a NCAA women’s basketball referee on some occasions – and it sure is scary that an individual who’s unstable enough to make explicit death threats in a work environment (in violation of criminal cybestalking laws) is out there in the general public (without a straight jacket, that is). As a result of her stalking, Kim was eventually removed from the company – and has since dawned a lower profile knowing that she’s being watch. Below are some exceprts of Kim’s stalking and harassment, inclduing some of those of her other ‘partners in crime’ (names of any of the other ‘freaks’ will not be mentioned in this report, because this is about Kim). Screenshot evidence will be uploaded later.—- How do you think (her name removed) would feel if someone doctored up a photo of her daughter and posted it on a porn site? Because there are already pics of her daughter in the public view. I am sure it would upset her Yes, it certainly will.

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