Kimberly S. Warren, MD

Don’t trust her for anything!

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Adama

My mother had undergone a vision correction surgery under Dr. Kimberly Warren. She was supposed to be an expert, but she isn’t. She is a lying scumbag who doesn’t take any responsibility for her horrible deeds. My mother who used to wear bifocal glasses for seeing things wanted to get rid of the glasses. So I did some research and I came across Dr. Warren. To me, she seemed like a great doctor at first. She has plenty of positive reviews and she works in an esteemed clinic as well. I took my mom to that clinic of hers and they recommended her to undergo a LASIK surgery. My mom was a little scared of the eye surgery but I assured her that nothing would go wrong. I had discussed the risks of the LASIK surgery but Dr. Warren told me that there weren’t any risks associating the procedure. She also told me that it was the safest treatment for my mom’s vision problems. I was relieved to find out this thing at that time. I had no idea that she was just bluffing and her ignorance can cause my mom to lose more than gain. Because of Dr. Warren’s pathetic surgery, my mom’s vision has become much limited. She needs to undergo treatment for her degraded vision. She is nearly blind, which is just the opposite of the expected result. I had taken her to Dr. Warren so she wouldn’t need to wear glasses anymore. Instead, Dr. Warren forced her to wear bigger glasses. They didn’t hesitate to charge me a fortune for the surgery. But at the time, it didn’t matter to me because I was more concerned about the success of the procedure. My mom rested for some weeks. Then she started complaining about her deteriorated vision. I discussed this issue with Dr. Warren but she told me that it was a natural reaction and my mom will need to wait for some days to recover completely. But after 2 weeks of this discussion, her condition hadn’t improved one bit. I took her to another eye doctor who told me that my mother’s vision loss was because of a terrible surgical procedure. He said it was clearly visible to him that my mom’s vision was messed up because of a doctor’s negligence. That doctor didn’t know that I had taken my mom to Dr. Warren. I later went to the clinic to confront Dr. Warren. I wanted a refund for this botched surgery. She told me that she wasn’t responsible for anything like that. She just denied everything. I’m planning on filing a lawsuit against this b*tch. When she’ll get hit with a malpractice lawsuit only then she’ll realize the depth of her misdeeds. She is a horrible human being who doesn’t feel any remorse or guilt for the pain she causes to others. She is a sadist and I’m pretty sure that she has ruined a bunch of other people’s lives apart from my mother’s.

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