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Horrible Customer Service! Filthy Gym! Horribe Experience!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Matt

I feel terrible to tell the worst gym experience I had to take, it was just too bad. Kinetix Health Club has just one advantage that is it has many nearby restaurants where one can go after completing the gym session. Other than that, there is literally NOTHING. The equipment is too old to be used by people. It is just out of order and needs an immediate replacement by the new equipment.

Macon already is out of good gym services and this one makes it totally worthless. I joined this gym 2 years back with a friend of mine. I had clearly stated at the beginning that I don’t want any membership hearing out other people’s membership stories. The management seemed to be understanding and said that they will not add me to any membership plan. I was relieved however as soon as I starting going to the gym regularly I realized that the gym was not at all a good place. It was rather vulnerable to infections. It seemed like no one cleaned it for a long time and if anyone complained about it to the management, all they get is a rude response. This is not done. If a customer is paying even for the Enhancement fee levied, they must see some enhancement happening too. No attention being paid on it!

The worst is yet to come, in between that very month, I came to know that the management had shifted me to the one-year membership without even asking me if I wanted to even be a part of it. This is just not done. First look at the service you are providing only then, you can blame anyone else for not taking the membership. It was just because my friend knew the General manager, my name was taken back from it. But really it is so terrible to suck money like that. I heard stories of other people being forced to come to the gym just because they got into this membership trap. Now they are stuck for some years to pay for the charges or the credit card companies are consulted.

Hearing all this, I had already decided to leave the gym after one month only owing to the dirty environment which was unhealthy altogether combined with the foul tactics being used by the management. I believe the gym was unfit for any human to do any exercise. Even one of the gym trainer became my friend and shared that they were being underpaid and they had no voice to say anything to the management. The management never understood the employees as employees and only thought of them being a Gym trainer who has no right to speak up and follow their orders blindly.

This is not right! You all are playing with people’s lives and looting their money just that by dint of cheating and engaging into wrong practices. If you cannot provide a quality service, you cannot expect people to stay in your gym for long. I even read several mind-boggling reviews on Yelp and glassdoor by the customers and employees where your true picture has already fallen down. How you people don’t pay your gym trainers what they deserve and the way all of you are working to extort money from innocent people’s pockets by adding membership and charging them for nothing, you will not survive for all.

With these politics being played, No one will ever recommend your filthy services to anyone and your business is just going to go silent soon. People are raising voice now, you won’t get away like this. You will have to pay for your sins and if not people, God will take a perfect revenge from you. You may have cheated several people but for how long, your time will come soon and you will have to pay for each and everything you did. I really would love to watch that time when the gym officially gets closed.

Especially the management that has no shame on their actions and is still asking for more money from people for the cheap service they provide. No one would have ever imagined a club that should function to impart high standard service is rather making people hate it more. You have proved that people should not rely on your services and pay nothing unless they get full satisfaction. I don’t understand how can anyone be so eccentric? Is there no humanity left in the world. People are getting misused by businessmen and they can’t do anything about it. This is so horrible and a clear exploitation on innocent people who are paying for the monthly charges without stepping into the gym not even once.

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