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Published: 13 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is how the King Coon cattery scam goes: 1) I found them on, and arrived to the cattery, south west of Bangkok, and they showed me several kittens, and a few HUGE adult cats 2) When I selected the kitten I would like to purchase, they “showed” me the mom and dad of the kitten, and promised me that my kitten will be as big as them 3) I specifically asked the owner and his wife, a few times, if my kitten will be at such large size, and they said: “guaranteed that within 10 months he will be this size”. They specifically promised me that my cat is the biggest type they have and will grow to be at the size of the other adult cats they showed me. 4) I purchased the kitten (first they will try to get you to pay an outragous price of 55,000 THB, and eventually sell for 25,000 THB) 5) Since purchasing the cat, I followed every instruction that King Coon cattery gave me, in terms of buying the best food that they recommended. I also researched and followed all best practive recommendations for cats, and visited the best cat hospital in Bangkok for regularly check-ups. 6) After a 18 months, and after clearly noticing that the cat is quite small, I asked my doctor to provide a full test to the cat, which was found healthy. There is nothing wrong with him, except that he is small and not even close to the size of the adult cats in King Coon cattery. 7) I figured out that I probably had bad luck, but still wanted a big cat. So I contacted King Coon cattery again, and asked if they have any new kittens to sell. 8) Same as before, the owner sent me pictures of baby cats. 9) My reply to him was that I am disappointed from the previous sale and that I really want a large cat like he promised me last time. 10) The owner then sent me pictures of a different kitten, where you can clearly see that it had HUGE feet, and looks like he is going to be HUGE as the adult cats they showed me. 11) When I expressed my interest in this cat, the King Coon cattery owner said that this is “large size” 95,000 THB, while the others he showed me earlier (and the one he actually sold me) is “mid-size” for 25,000 THB. 12) I then realized the scam: they have some kittens that they know are going to be HUGE, and will sell them for 95,000 THB, and they have some smaller kittens – but they won’t tell you they are smaller – they show you the HUGE adults and Guarantee that your cat will be as big as them. 13) Practucally there is no value to the King Coon cattery “Guarantee”. It’s simply an empty lie. I contacted the owner and explained my case – he tried to dismiss me saying “what food did you give the cat”. When I explained to him that the cat received the exact food and treatment he recommended, he said “the cat will grow within 4 years”. I then told him that they cat stopped growing for 8 months already and that it weights less than 6 kg, then when the owner realized I know my facts he said “sorry I don’t speak English”. 14) I then asked a Thai friend to contact the owner. And the friend came back to me and said it’s hopeless, the guy will say anything to cover his scam and there is no basis to his guarantee. They simply promise you something that you will not have, take your money, and then try to avoid you. As a summary, please be careful of this place. Don’t trust what they say because they lie and trick you. If you want a HUGE cat, they will ask for 95,000 THB. If they charge you 25,000 THB, it means you will be getting a small cat. Note: other than the size, there is nothing wrong with my cat. I love him with all my heart – he is smart, loving and a good friend. Please don’t think that I am all about the “size of the cat”; please realize that I am warning you of a scam in case you are expecting to have your cat as big as the adult cats they will show you in King Coon. If you don’t mind the size, then go for it, but in general – don’t support a place which lies to people, that’s all. .

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