Kings County Family Court and others

Kings County Family Court and others Review

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Published: 05 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is a civil complaint against individual , corporations , judges, police, FBI, and hospital acting in a conspiracy to deprive my civil liberites as well as frame me for criminal prosecution. On December 2012 these individual as well as others in conspiracy framed three individuals in a homicide trial. Acting In conspiracy to silence me they pursued me through illegal wiretapping of all my communications and placed a Gps in my vehicle. they sanctioned a official campaign of what is known to be gang stalking.the hospitals deprived me of medications and medical treatment, while the Family court judges conspired with others to frame me for domestic abuse and deprive me of my child. On or about january of 2012 the berks county court held a hearing for jurisdiction and refused to allow my winesses to testify. the court then deferred my case to the Kings Family court , where they in conspiracy framed me for domestic abuse. The court held a temporary order over me for 17 months and trialed me for offenses alleged to have taken place in Pennsylvania in 2010. These individuals which lacked jurisdiction over offenses alleged in the state of Pennsylvania acting in conspiracy with court attorneys staged a mistrial since the mothers testimony didnt conform to a offense being alleged in the state of newyork. During the course of the 2nd trial the judge coerced the mother and deprived me right to cross examin her by directing the mother not to answer any questions of prior testimony which testified under oath in Pennsylvania and in the first trial. his reasons was thats what a mistrial means, prior testimony goes away . At the end of the trial he found me guilty of Menacing in the swcond degree when the moother never alleged being threatened with the use of a fire arm. On or about february 2013 he declared emergency jurisdiction to deprive me from communication with my son, over the next 17 months he refused to allow me to see my son stating on numerous occasion, if your not submitting into giving this court jurisdiction over the custody matter Im not giving you an order to see your son. This has been going on for 27 months now , running back and forth to new york trying to forcibly award the mother custody by draining me financially. At the same time these other individuals send me death threats sayin if you continue with these lawsuits and anti government shenanigans we will be forced to take care of the problem. My complaint was filed in the United States District court (1:12-cv-06262)which has been complicit with the entiire conspiracy, including refusinf to file documents and removing pages from exhibits so the wouldnt be open to publuc view.Finally. my case was dismissed against 23 defendants after 14 long months according to the judge as frivilous claims but in all that time refused to order the defendants to enter a defense to the allegations. My case is going to the United States Appeals Court of the second Circuit of New York. if anyone cares to follow and will be starting a petition to congress to change family court trials to be trialed by jury as a matter of right. Lastly, this is an ongoing conspiracy as they now have the Reading Water authority extorting me for money for illegal turn offs and my communications are still being wire tapped by the feds.

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