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Published: 24 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Quite possibly the worst experience I have ever had with a business. It took them 42 days to get my stuff to my new place. YES THAT IS CORRECT IT TOOK THEM 42 DAYS TO DELIVERY MY STUFF. Alicia is the person who will talk to you first giving you a quote that seems really good but she won’t divulge all the little things they will charge you for as the move goes forward. Then Sean will show up to load all of your stuff onto the truck. Then after everything is loaded onto the moving truck he will tell you that you have taken up more space then was originally quote but will not show you he will just measure it by eye. And when you ask for him to show you he just takes you to the truck and shows you your stuff and says see it takes up more space which didn’t actually tell me anything. So all I can do is trust this guy. But after you tell him you don’t understand he starts getting impatient and says you now owe $400 extra for them to move your stuff. Then he will tell you that he is in a hurry to get to another location and you need to sign the contract. Without explaining any of the stipulations of the future charges that may occur and how the 14 to 21 day window they have to delivery your stuff to your new location. Or he can just unload all of your stuff. And that you will loses your deposit. And you gives off the impression that you are wasting his time. So you feel pressured to pay the extra money. So you are stuck with your stuff on the truck and its either pay them more money or they will unload the truck. It’s a very unfriendly environment Now for the time frame in which it took them to get my stuff to my new place. I told Alicia that I would be at my new place on the first of the month and she said if my stuff was to arrive by then, then they would need to pick it up a week before. She said they have a 14 to 21 day time frame to delivery your stuff. But not to worry they always get your stuff to you within 7 to 10 days and never really go past 10 days. So I agreed thinking that by the time I got to my new place my stuff would arrive as well. So I agreed and they actually picked up my stuff 11 days prior to the first. And on top of that I even change my day of arrival to the 4th. So now they have 15 days to get my stuff to me. This is where the problem arrises. What she didn’t tell me was that its 14 to 21 days starting from the day I would like my stuff to arrive, which was the 4th. Not including the 11 days prior that they picked my stuff up or weekends. It’s only business days. Needless to say I was shocked when I found out that on day 16 of them having my stuff that it was in storage and hadn’t left LA yet. They said that they were having truck problems and that it would leave shortly. Truck problems I understand. But not knowing any of this prior and them not calling or emailing me to give me an update. I found that to be very bad business ethics. So now its day 16 my stuff has not left LA and it’s sitting in a warehouse who knows where. After weeks of living in my new apartment without any furniture it finally arrived 42 later then the day they picked it up. And I got no discount or any sympathy from the company or any of the employees I spoke to regrading the matter. They were actually very rude about the whole situation saying that they are not at fought it was all in the contract and that because I signed it that it was my responsibility to know not there’s to tell me. I mean no one in their right mind would allow a moving company to take 42 days to delivery their stuff. All while living in an empty apartment for those 42 days. So now once your stuff finally arrives to your new place they will tell you that there is yet another fee because they will only unload and move your stuff 75 feet from the truck which is basically to the front of any apartment building. And they won’t inform you of this till they arrive with your stuff 42 days later. And you will be a rock stuck in a hard place because they have your stuff and you will have no say in the matter. And if you want it back you will have to pay them more money because they say so. And they won’t measure out the distance they will just give you a number???? Which for me was another $400 dollar estimate. Wow I’m having deja vu all over again. Then when you tell them this is ludicrous they will then try and cut you a deal and make it sound like they are your best friend. If it’s ok to cut a deal why would you ave to pay anything at all and they will tell you its in the contract in fine print I might add. Oh and it has to be CASH yes CASH they will not take credit cards or a check. Which is another thing I found weird that they have to have cash. You tell me does that sound fishy! It sure did to me but I need my stuff. They actually said that if I didn’t pay the extra fee THAT they would take the stuff off the truck and I COULD MOVE THE STUFF MYSELF. UM GREAT IDEA MOVING GUYS LET ME HIRE YOU AND THEN MOVE MY OWN STUFF INTO MY PLACE. Yes a moving company said I could move my stuff into my own place. On top of that things were broken even though the box said fragile glass. And one of the boes they packed had things missing. Which their response was I could file a report but it would take 6o days for them to investigate. And the tone of the lady I was talking to was like their was no chance of any reimbursement. She was not very helpful. So in conclusion I won’t recommend that you stay away from this company. And I have read many other accounts just like mine I think it’s the way they do things in order to get more money out of you. .

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