Kingston Mines

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Kingston Mines is a blues night club located in Chicago, Illinois. The one thing that they are good at is making big claims and ruining the mood. When I came here I expected to be treated with respect but instead, the staff at Kingston Mines was totally rude and unprofessional; they don’t know how to deal with their customers. I have gone to many night clubs and believe me when I say it, Kingston Mines is THE WORST night club. I went here with a couple of my friends to refresh our minds after work, instead, we ended up frustrated and with a massive headache. The drinks were super expensive and I don’t even wanna talk about the way the staff behaved. It was like all of them were high, one thing is for sure, they all were smoking some kushy stuff, I can’t think of any other explanation of their weird and inappropriate behavior. After my horrible experience here, I decided to do some research on these people and I found out that I’m not the only victim of their false marketing and bad service.
Customers have reported that the staff at this place is very careless and doesn’t show any gratitude to their customers whether they are from security staff, bouncers or any bartender, they don’t know how to behave with your customers. One of the customers reported that he went there and asked the bartender to get him a Wells whiskey and water but was served jack. When he asked her that he ordered Wells and not jack, the bartender was so rude and told him that she didn’t hear him. These kinds of attitude make customer frustrate, especially when they want to get themselves refresh after a tiring day.
Customers have also shown their concern towards the bouncers of Kingston Mines that are rude and don’t know how to behave. Many of the regular customers are also unhappy with the way Kingston Mines are welcoming them. One of their regular customers reported that she visited Kingston Mines with a group of her friends and for no reason. A friend of her was kicked out from the venue by those towering male bouncers. She insisted to leave with her friend but the bouncer tried to move her away by blocking the door and forced her to stay. The customer was disappointed with the way she got treated at Kingston Mines and don’t feel like visiting again over there. Similarly, another customer faced the same situation when he visited there, he says that the bouncers are racist and kicked one of his friends with no reason and tried to separate him claiming that he doesn’t belong to him.
People not only visit night club to get themselves refresh but some of them do come from far away to spend quality time. I do like going to clubs which are comfortable and surroundings are also fun, but MAN, Kingston Mines have miserably failed to deliver a good atmosphere and surroundings. My friends and I went there to spend some quality time and the club was overcrowded AS FUCK, it was really in a bad condition with ceiling tiles falling. We were very disappointed with our experience at Kingston Mines and we will never suggest anyone come here.

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