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Published: 26 January 2018

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We found them via while looking to buy a reliable used SUV with low mileage…foolish right?! I honeslty thought the heavens opened up and dropped the perfect car in our laps. A 2003 VUE with only 87,000+ miles. I called on a Tuesday to inquire about the car and was told…””Yes we have it but it’s under going a transmission rebuild…it’ll be ready Sat.”” We drive out there, on Sat, for immediate purchase (gas + toll) and that’s when we were told, “”Oh sorry it’s not finished…but come and take a look at it.”” We talk about the car, how well kept she was…what other problems it may have to which we were assured…”” We only sell sound cars…we’re a high volume business…we sell more cars than most major dealers.”” Convinced us we started talking about a deposit…This is where we should have run!! 1) The dealer quotes us a price 500 over the price listed on their and 3 other site (auto list, cars, & auto trader). I pull up their listing and it gets “”corrected. We leave half as the deposit and are told to come back in one week as our newly purchased car will be ready. 2) After REPEATED CALLS over the course of 3 days we finally get in touch and are assured everything is fine and on schedule. Fri we drive out there (more gas & tolls), arrive in the morning to be greeted by another dealer who now tells us our car needs a few more days. I had to excuse myself so as to collect my visibly angry composure. After he couldn’t reach his partner he offered us the loaner which we accepted because we both had just accepted new job positions under the assumption we would be leaving with the car. Like dummies we gave them the other half of the purchase price so they would have the plates and title ready. We even purchased additional insurance so we could get said plates. 3) Every couple of days after was a new excuse…””The snow.””…””We’re waiting for a part.”” “”The mechanic is working on multiple cars at once.”” “”Oh we relisted your car at a higher price to dissuade potential buyers and in case this paid in full deal falls through.”” “”The plates aren’t here yet.”” The transmission will take two days to put back into the car.”” “”Turns out the transmission wasnt in fact finished as the mechanic was stealing and didn’t order the missing part.”” “”We hired a new mechanic.”” I’m sorry do your mechanics work for you or do you work for them?! Who runs a business like this?!?! Over a month later, two car insurance payments, excuses and frustration…ALL OF WHICH I, THE I NEED INTENSIVE CLARIFICATION WIFE, WAS CUT OUT OF BECAUSE THE DEALER FELT UNCOMFORTABLE DEALING WITH ME…we’re told after a test drive the vehicle died. More gas…another toll($13 ea people and $3.35 a gal in gas!) and…””Here let me offer you this rusty and dented Jeep.””…””How about this high mileage 12yr old that chugs gas or this other one well above your price range so we can squeeze more money out of you.”” “”Oh wait we have a sister dealership let me see what we can find there.”” No thank you please refund our money I found it somewhere else. “”Well then we need our car back.”” More gas…another toll…””WHAT ABOUT OUR MONEY?!”” “”The refund will take three days to process””…that was last Fri(3/28/14). In the mean time I placed a deposit on the other vehicle and have been fielding calls from the other dealership because suddenly that car is popular. Monday my husband calls…you’ll recieve it by Friday! Friday comes..and goes. “”Oh I talked to my accountant…the funds should be there by tomorrow…you know different credit card companies process transactions in different times…I’LL TEXT YOU PROOF IT WAS ALREADY SENT OUT.”” Said photo reveals a refund was issued…and dated yesterday (4/4/2014) NOT MONDAY (3/31/2014) LIKE THEY SAID and after 7pm. Tolls $65 Car insurance payments $156 Car rental fees $400+ ( As I still need to get to work!!!) Aggravation and frustration…Priceless Apologies and excuses….I call them lies!!! Kingz of Cars was a HUGE mistake. Stay away!!! .

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