Kinnecorps, LLC

Kinnecorps, LLC

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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Had damages to my roof from the last two past hurricanes last and previous year. | I notice my roof was leaking especially my front patio area so i started looking for a Roofing Company, I saw this group of people with the same shirts on saying ” Kimmecorps General Contractor and Roofing “ so we approached them and they said they would help; when the Sales Rep came to my house to see the issues i had; he insisted that it would cheaper if i went through my Insurance via a Claim, | He had me called my Insurance Company and give then a “ SPECIFIC DATE “ as to when the Storm Damages happened. | Unknown to me, he convinced me. The Insurance Company’s Adjustor came and concluded we need a new roof. My Insurance Compay paid them $ | But it got stupid when they said they will “ NOT START ON MY ROOF UNTIL I PAID MY DEDUCTIBL; MEANING THEN THE WHOLE ROOF WOULD BE PAID FOR BEFORE IT WAS EVDEN PUT ON “. They forced me to pay the Money and after that they toook their timel | After many calls; someone came to deliver the Shingles etc, on the roof which was left there for another week or so going through rain and weather, | A group of workers showed, one barely spoke English, Started working. Most of the products used was barely usage grade, A Citty Inspector came and left pretty quick saying he had a busy day but still we had no rep from kimmecorp. After the Crew was done, they blew off all thre residue from the Roof onto the ground; nails and everything else. We pick up Buckets of nails of nails even after they ran the magnets around, still picking them up still. | Our Roof is still Leaking, The Production Manager Chris will not answer my calls; i should have known better than to pay in full now I’m a desposable bum on their file. I’ve Called these people so many time. | Espically now that look that their Business Card, they have not Website but the Office number is 9043510333; License RG291103914 & RC29027575 | We should not be treated that way plus taking advantage of our Insurance Companies, because in the End i The Client is being taking advantage of Twice!!!! The State should put a lock down on these Firms, Kimmecorps and Carlson Enterprises they are cheating real Legitame companies out of business and cheating their prospects | Now I’m left with a leaking roof, No correspondent!!!!! I Would advise Everyone” PLEASE DO NOT USE THAT GROUP FOR ANYTHING; THEY WILL FOOL YOU TO SIGN UP, THEY WILL FORCE YOU TO PAY EVERYTHING UPFRONT AND THEY WILL SUB OUT YOUR WORK TO THE CHEAPEST SUBS OUT THEIR, MY PAPERWORK FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY SAID BETWEEN MY DEDUCTIBLE AND WHAT THEY PAID WAS $ 10,582.59 AND FROM THE BUILDING INSPECTION DIVISIO, CITY OF JACKSONVILLE, THE JOB COST WAS $8,500 SO THEY POCKETED $2,082.69!!!!!! THATS NOT FAIR!!!! THEY SHOULD REPOERTED AND INVESTIGATED

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