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Published: 29 October 2018

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Do not, I repeat DO NOT let these people into your home! Ugh, so annoying. So here’s their pitch in a nutshell : Its Friday evening. Guy comes in and offers you free detergent. Another guy comes in and says he’ll give you a free demo that will take less than 20 minutes. Demo guy gives this whole demo on how filthy your carpet is. 2 hours later he calls someone else to negotiate a “reasonable” price. Multiple people come hassle you to buy. You finally say yes, fill out the paperwork… they run your credit without consent. Now you’re stuck with this über expensive contraption. Maybe it’s new, but probably not. Opened my stuff and it had already been used, it was already dirty. You’re supposedly given 3 business days to cancel, but apparently that Friday counted, despite them leaving your house at 15 to 9pm. So Monday, I call, I fax, and I overnight my notice of cancellation. So far no follow up. Also some key points to take in as you please: They claim to be BBB accredited… they aren’t. They claim your contraption is brand new… it probably isn’t. They only “accept cancellations” within 3 business days, in writing, so be prepared for a minimum of $16.95 to overnight a notice of cancellation letter in addition to the signed paperwork.. if they gave it to you. My suggestions if you’ve fallen victim to the enticing trap of clean carpets: Contact Kirby online, send as many emails as you feel necessary, they do follow up… with attitude, but at least they follow up. Send a fax in addition to your mailed in documentation, because if you’re like me the post office may not be able to guarantee delivery by your last day for cancellation. Maintain documentation for EVERYTHING!!! After reading nothing but negative reviews and consumer reports, this is not a risk you want to take. The sad thing is, this is across the board, not just Kirby of Fredericksburg. Finally, if you share my struggle of never being able to say no to solicitors, I encourage a passive agressive window/door sign to express your lack of interest. Hopefully this helps! BTW the real address is as follows: 5128 Southpoint Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 .

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