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Published: 10 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Beware of Kismet Digital Digital photographers that promote at Ag shows etc. and set up portable ‘studios’ in pubs and the like in various towns. They use the good ol ‘Competition’ promotion cutest xzy and the like TL;DR version below Below information is presented in what i believe is the best interest of the public. It is my honest opinion, and is given to the best of my recollection. (noting I have been told by a clinical psychologist after IQ etc testing that they had no doubt that if they told me anything i would remember it) Both My fiancee (and she tells me her sister, and her sister’s partner) and I clearly recall being at a stall run by Kismet Digital at the Maitland Show (me in my wheelchair) and being offered a free print and free sitting, after we made it clear to them that it just for my fiancee and I, that we wanted a romantic couple shot. I remember being amazed and of course signing up. We were very surprised when they called yesterday, a month later, wanting to book the sitting at a Maitland hotel, and to charge $25 to do the sitting, for a baby. I told them something was wrong as we didn’t have a baby and wanted the shots for ourselves. Then they changed said that there is no similar deal for adults at all. They made excuses that one of the girls was very new at the time. I asked them to have the manager call me back, and they said she was out but they would have her call me in a couple of hours. I waited several hours and then posted on their facebook page asking what was going on, and saying that that it felt a bit like a bait and switch and i hoped it wasnt. I also asked if it was a co-incidence that they domain registrar had suspended their account for 24 hours later I had a phone call from the manager (A full day after they said they would call) In which I tried to explain this, but she outright told me they didn’t believe me, said they had full confidence in all her girls (including the new one that they had been making excuses over), becoming abusive and saying things including “Yes I am calling you a liar” and a statement to the effect of ‘you have no life’ and proceeded to THREATEN TO SUE if I posted about this anywhere online “I will sue the ass off you, I dont care if you are a pensioner” I feel this is a bait and switch, and also feel it is a clear attempt by what is in my opinion unethical businesswoman to suppress negative reviews with legal threats. Please spread this info as far as you can. TL;DR: Company say they made a different offer to what (4) customers remember, customer feels they have ‘bait and switched’. Company manager becomes abusive, outright calls disabled pensioner liar, says they have no life, offended customer says they will post reviews of interaction, COMPANY THREATENS TO SUE TO STOP REVIEWS “I will sue the ass off you, I dont care if you are a pensioner”

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